Week 28 Debriefing: Pan Lee Infiltration

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Week 28 Debriefing: Pan Lee Infiltration

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Week 28 Debriefing: Pan Lee Infiltration
The team went inside a Pan Lee factory and made their way to a clean room area which contained a prototype ordnance weapon. While investigating this discovery the facility was attacked by a group of cyberpunks who somehow managed to hack into one of the mag-tanks that patrolled the factory.
A team of UIG inspectors attempted to fight off the attack, with a little invisible help from the Oracle agents. While most of the team made a quiet escape, Ida, Pinkie and Ace remained behind and ended up in a battle with the surviving UIG inspectors. Ace and Ida escaped, but Pinkie continued to fight and killed both of the inspectors.
A Malenbrach squad then smashed through the factory roof and fired on Pinkie while she made an exit for herself in the nearby wall. Unfortunately she was rendered immobile by an ordnance class rail weapon and records indicate that she did not survive to be arrested by the attending UIG officers.

Information discovered:
Prototype weapon is an ordnance class EMP harpoon weapon for cyberlin combat.
Footage of Cyberpunk attack

Comments from CEO Lee
Everyone who worked with or knew Pinkie has my condolences. Try to avoid the Ai Jinn for the near future; they are likely upset about this.

Information sold:
Pan Lee wishes to keep their weapon plans a secret for now, so they bought that information back. The cyberpunk footage was sold to Bright & Sunny Media. They love this kind of stuff and are apparently all ready planning a series called "When Punks Attack!".

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