Week 3 debriefing

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Week 3 debriefing

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Madrid Open City BIO Farming Facility
Acting on information from Ida, the entire Oracle field staff made their way to Madrid by various means to investigate an empty warehouse in the open city. The facility was well guarded by cameras, a small group of security guards and automated scanning systems.
The team disguised a van as belonging to a shoe company renting a nearby warehouse to enter the warehouse compound. The vehicle’s registration data was forged, so the van was not abandoned after its use in the crime.
Pinkie, Ida and Wei silenced the local security system and made sure no record of the team’s activities was made by the cameras. Two guards were knocked out and left in the security building, three were killed using flame throwers, leaving little evidence behind.
Inside the building were a number of turrets. Despite some difficulties, 6 turrets were destroyed and a large section of the warehouse ceiling was collapsed. The security system had activated a silent alarm, so time became of the essence
The team descended into the BIO farming facility under the warehouse. The entire operation was automated and appeared to be farming a drug from creatures, a common illegal BIO on earth used for drug production.
Pictures were taken of the facility and samples of the BIO feed stock and excretions were taken. During a hacking attempt Wei found that a virus had been uploaded to the main computer.
The group left the facility and found they were being observed by an EI attack helicopter. A chase ensued and included a stretch of local highway. The helicopter was lost when Darya fired an incendiary- explosive arrow from a cross bow onto the helicopter canopy, forcing it to temporarily withdraw from combat. The group then changed the van’s outer paint colour and its registration information to escape. Everyone established very good alibis for this mission.

Products put forwards for sale
Quantum camera images of the illegal BIO facility.
Samples and analysis of drugs taken from the facility.

Comments from CEO Lee
This is what I am talking about! A well planned mission was completed with almost a minimum of casualties. Well done guys! We may have upset EI, but they will take us seriously now, as will the other corporations.

Results of the drug analysis
The samples that were brought back showed that the BIOs were being fed normal feed stock and producing some kind of unknown pharmaceutical. We couldn’t figure out what the drug is supposed to do without performing some human tests, so we have kept a small sample for research and sold the rest. We cannot reproduce the drug using our currently available equipment and technology.

Information Sales
Quantum camera images of the illegal BIO facility – Eurasia Incorporated
Samples and analysis of drugs taken from the facility – Two Snakes Medical

Unusually, EI did not buy the information before the sale was announced. We suspect that they did not believe we would actually sell it, were lying, or that we had no proof. Once the auction began in the Seoul Interchange they quickly changed their tune and bought up the incriminating footage of the facility. The UIG did make a bid on this information, but may have been trolling EI to force them to bid higher or risk prosecution and investigation.
The drug samples were bought by Two Snakes medical, but Gemini also made several bids, which increased the price further.

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