Week 13 Debriefing

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Week 13 Debriefing

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Week 13: Cult Hunters

The team investigated a suspected Cult of Machina nest and found one. Two fearsome chimera and a group of spiderbots were fought before a small nanoswarm was released by one of the the chimeras and they made their escape.
The team followed one of the cultists further into the tunnels under Shanghai and killed a disfigured cultist that ambushed them. Soon they located a group of chimeras, including the one that had released a nanoswarm earlier. Violence ensued and the cult was defeated, however, upon death the nanoswarm cultist unleashed a large nanoswarm that later went on to cause serious problems for the local area.

Information for sale:
Images of escaped spider-like cultist and nanoswarms being used
Laser Cutter and Plasma machine gun weapons taken from cultists

Comments from CEO Lee:
It was nice you showed the cult a thing or two, but for the high risk of the job you got very little information. Remember to focus on retrieving data, not eliminating threats; that's the UIG's job.

Information sales:
Cultist images: UIG
Cult weapons: Hachiman Cybernetics

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