Week 11 Debriefing

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Week 11 Debriefing

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Week 11: It is always code 4 in Siberia

A BIO making facility was found by Pinkie in the Siberian wastes. The team crept up on it and entered through the main door which was not overly secure. ETE paint was used to cover the thermal camera while Sosie worked on bypassing the door.
Once inside the team started to explore and found a room full of security droids. Sosie made and planted a remote detonated EMP megabomb to prevent this becoming a major problem in the future. The group then explored the BIO keeping area and found some familiar spider BIOs, some weird living guns and some large dinosaurs (technically lizards, but whatever). Pinkie in the meantime found the staff living area and stunned some people, and then tore some people apart with wolves.... quietly.
The base AI then detected something was wrong and sent a droid to investigate. The EMP was triggered and all the BIO cages opened up. The base began to evacuate and the team got out of there, doing some looting and shooting on the way, including grabbing a random scientist called Vladmir.
The AI said "Detonating..." and then the team drove away as the base destroyed itself with a small nuclear device.

Information put up for sale:
BIO tactical dart firing weapon
Dinosaur samples and pictures

Comments from CEO Lee:
I love the sound of Gemini getting their collective asses kicked in the morning. The market wasn't too interested in the BIO stuff, but I suppose there's not much you can do with those things on Earth.

Information Sales:
BIO tactical dart firing weapon - UIG
Dinosaur samples and pictures - Ai Jinn

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