Week 18 Debriefing

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Week 18 Debriefing

Post  Admin on Mon May 28, 2012 7:14 pm

Week 18: Toy Story

The team infiltrated an Ai Jinn automated factory and found it was in a very run down state. The AI managing the facility was at least 15 years old and it had been making action figures for 10. The AI was installed on very obsolete systems, so no one really knew how to get data out of it.
After a frank discussion about maintenance, the AI decided its best bet was to use the agents for spare parts. This went poorly for the factory and it called the UIG for help. Ida and Xu were found outside by the UIG response team and docked a significant number of rank points. Darya and Han escaped.

Information for sale:

Comments from CEO Lee:
You win some, you lose some. And in this case you may lose a lot of rank too. Remember rule #1 in the Eastern Bank.

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