Week 17 Debriefing

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Week 17 Debriefing

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Week 17: Grenoble / Chernobyl
Following a lead from Ace the team went to Grenoble, France. They found a large underground area that contained 4 MAG-tanks, lots of robots working on other robots and possibly a teleporter powered by an array of D-Cells.
After some exploration and information gathering the team had to pull out. The D-Cells were detonated, making a large nuclear explosion after the robots evacuated the facility. The team trailed some of the droids as they escaped. Some retreated into the ocean, others escaped with what appeared to be another teleporter hidden in a mountain tunnel. Many of the droids remained hidden near ground zero and this allowed one to be captured and interrogated. It self destructed rather than give away any information.

Information gathered:
Footage and images of the droid workshop in action
A psyche matrix and process chips from the droid production line

Comments from CEO Lee:
Not bad for a white op. Could use less nuclear explosions, but I suppose you're going to get a few of those in this line of business. Please investigate the droids and figure out who is responsible so I know who to send the bills to.

Information sales:
All of it went to the UIG

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