Week 92 Debrief: Extraneous Cocking

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Week 92 Debrief: Extraneous Cocking

Post  Dani Potenza on Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:26 pm

The Location: A secret prison in Chicago Spire

The Mission: Break into said prison, find juicy secrets

The Crew:
Dani          The Nuke
Han           The Vet
Carmen      The Hacker
Subira        The Jedi
Cassidy      The Techie
Crys          The Mascot

How it went: Amidst much discussion of whether the facility was a sex dungeon, the team snuck into the apartment block that the facility was built under and found the hidden passage.  Han and Dani played rock-paper-scissors to pick who got to go in first, but tied so many times that Subira beat them both in. The facility had a very authentic “medieval dungeon” look, and an injured and diseased prisoner was found chipless in a cell full of hay and shit. Further investigation and scout powder revealed a series of corridors and rooms, including one with around 12 people in it. To get through, the team fought two hooded guards with glowing eyes and broadswords who turned out to be robots, then another on their way down a corridor.

They attempted to enter another room but it barfed flashbangs and grenades at them followed by so much plasma that the wall was left white-hot, so a retreat was made back to another room where the scout powder indicated tech. Getting into this room meant fighting two robots equipped with machine plasma (not very period-accurate - DP) One took down Han only for him to bounce back up, just barely saved by his medpack, and reduce it to a fine dust with his shotguns while the other was taken down by plasma cannon fire and a psi-blade onslaught.

In the room, which held a private teleporter, Carmen hacked a computer and a sinister hologram giant head appeared as a representation of an AI, demanding that the team repent for trespassing on its domain and whatnot. Instead, Han and Cassidy found a secret door following the fuzz on the scout powder map, which led to a secret tunnel. Unfortunately, the door at the other end of the secret tunnel led to a huge robot with a scythe that attempted to decapitate the whole group in one swing. If not for Subira’s sixth sense warning, it might have succeeded – even with that edge, it managed to cut off Carmen and Cassidy’s heads. Han pumped it full of shotgun blasts but they seemed to partially just go through it and it faded away into nothingness while the lost heads were attached back on their rightful necks. This room contained various computers including the central mainframe, and while Cassidy examined the robot charging dock to learn the mysterious robot’s weaknesses, Carmen hacked the computer and called out the AI “motherfucker”.

Han and Dani took up defensive positions on the other end of the tunnel with a laser rifle and the Tornado anti-vehicle cannon respectively and mowed down hordes of incoming hooded guardbots, causing an estimated 5.2 million credits of property damage while the others prepared to take on the AI. The mystery robot reappeared in the mainframe room, identifying itself as “Baphomet” and going for the backroom trio’s heads once again, this time to no avail. Subira engaged it in battle and Carmen set up a computer cage for the AI. Cassidy threw her crystal robot, Crys, directly onto Baphomet where it began to burrow into the robot by targeting its weak points. As the oncoming robots were slaughtered by the gun team, Subira parried all its attacks and used her prescience to see the exact moment that Crys’s burrowing would leave an opening, bisecting the robot and “killing“ the AI before it even had a chance to flee to the cage. The AI block was retrieved from the robot for examination and without their leader the oncoming robots were trivialised, leaving the team free to chase down the people in the central room.

While most of the people there got away, from capturing one and examining the area, the team discovered that the facility was housing a devil-worshipping cult that went up pretty high in the WF – nothing proving connection to the CEO, alas, but officials of ranks 7-8 were involved. With that information gathered, the team snuck out of the spire.

Dani’s remarks: Good work from both our new agents, hope you both get big payouts soon. It was great to see Han back in action too, and without Carmen getting into their systems we couldn’t have set up the battlefield so perfectly in our favour at the end – very smooth teamwork from everyone today.

Also. Yeah. We fought a fuckin’ robo-satan. Not every day you see that, and what the hell was with the way it went all ghostly? It’d be great if we could get the science guys on that, but that might need more data? Not sure I want to try and get in a fight with another one for that.
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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:20 pm

Data Sold
Delicious, delicious blackmail material on WF officials of all kinds.

The officials in question tried to buy it back from us, but despite their collective wealth they were unable to obtain the required amount in time. Bright & Sunny was more than happy to open their wallets.

Comments from CEO Lee
Ahahahahahahahaha WF business men.... in a cultahahahahaha oh mercy this is just too much. Fantastic work everyone.

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