Week 94 Debrief: Nobody Can See Fenris

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Week 94 Debrief: Nobody Can See Fenris

Post  Dani Potenza on Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:42 pm

The Location: Wasteland outside Harbin Spire

The Mission: Look into a new Ai-Jinn ordnance weapon in testing from a Harbin Spire weapons lab

The Crew:
Dani     Suppression
Fenris   Stealth
Silvia    Survival
Bell      Support

How it went: Silvia spent the week scouting out the area on Dani’s request, and the team spent a couple of days trekking out on foot to see the weapon in action. The MAG tank armed with the new weapon was accompanied by two APCs, a division of soldiers equipped with metal-free gear, and four Guan Yu users. Fenris, harder to notice than a ghost that doesn’t exist, snuck up close to take clearer photos of the weapon in action, while Bell stayed at range and took a top-quality artistic photo.
After the weapon was fired and the tank left with half of the military force, the team then followed the other APC and its attendant soldiers to the site of the target, where all the metal in the area had been twisted destructively – including the cybernetics of some people recognised as figures from the Taiwan Resistance, who were dead or near it. Fenris and Silvia snuck up to kill some of the guards and take their scanners for the data, but the soldiers spotted the shimmer of Bell trying to reach the still-living Resistance general to rescue him.
A firefight ensued where Dani laid down suppressing fire… with her anti-tank Tornado cannon, knocking out shields in one hit and all-but-vaporising the soldiers’ leader with a single shell to draw as much attention as possible, barely scratched by their ice-rifles in her (highly stealthy) tactical assault powered armour. Silvia defensively engaged a Guan Yu user who had a massive axe long enough to stay alive, and Fenris snuck and leapt around the battlefield to grab the Resistance general and run before Dani blew up the APC, taking out many of the soldiers.
Unfortunately, this all drew the attention of another Guan Yu user who took a single shot to bust through Fenris’ shield and hurt her badly and a second to blow her leg off. Fortunately, Bell was to hand with a well-placed medpack to save Fenris from otherwise-certain doom, and Silvia followed them carrying the Resistance member while Fenris escaped pulling herself along with her hands. Dani distracted the axe-wielder with a Tornado shot that knocked them into a wall and buried them in rubble, and the team split up into the wasteland and was able to get enough cover between them and the railgunner to escape.
Silvia got the near-dead Resistance member to a hospital with enough speed and money to get him stabilised, and then took him to a doctor recommended by Bell.
Dani’s Remarks: Good stealth mission. All the best stealth missions involve shooting huge anti-tank weaponry at people.
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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:01 pm

Data Sold

  • Expertly taken photo of the tank firing
  • Scans and details of the effects of the new weapon

The Ai Jinn didn't spend the necessary amount to keep this information top secret. Apparently the WF is very interested in new Ai Jinn weapon capabilities, because they were able to find a rather surprising amount of credits down the backs of their collective couches.
B&S Media were also very excited about the high quality images of the tank firing and they mentioned something about an "Ai Jinn Terror Weapon Exclusive!"

Comments from CEO Lee
I think there is more to this mission than meets the eye. Those Ai Jinn mechanics are smart, but not "Fancy new kind of weapon no one has seen before" smart. If y'all want another big pay day, try to figure out where this thing came from (and get pictures).

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