Week 80 debrief: Footloose

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Week 80 debrief: Footloose

Post  Silvia Tsukuda on Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:59 pm

Agents present: Silvia Tsukuda, Khalid Nader, Karishma Pillai, Stephen Lincoln

Location: Unidentified secret facility, South American wilds

Objective: Investigate the facility and retrieve any useful information from it

Summary: Since none of the team had the licenses necessary to fly an aircraft, the team took a commercial flight to Brasilia and then hiked through the wilds for a couple of days to reach the facility's location. The trip was mostly uneventful, although did feature a big cat of some kind stalking the group at one point, which was dealt with by Silvia. Upon arrival, the team found that the facility doors had been welded shut from the outside. Upon cutting through them, they found that there was a hard ion wall protected by an insulated shield blocking the way.

After removing the blockage, the team advanced into the facility and discovered the corpse of an Agent who had apparently shot himself in the head. A little further on was a junction leading to sections marked "Work", "Living" and "Security", with the corpse of another Agent holding a heavy machine gun. Close examination of the corpse's possessions determined that he had been a Liberty Black employee, and Liberty Black logos were visible on the walls, leading the team to conclude that this was probably a Liberty Black installation.

After setting up the ion wall behind them, the team moved to investigate the security room first. Upon opening the durasteel door, however, a strange moving patch of light sped past them. Khalid gave pursuit and discovered that he was unable to harm it physically, although his cloaking ability could disrupt it somewhat. However, the light escaped them, passing through another durasteel door to the work area. The team returned to the security room to investigate, discovering another corpse, a couple of unusual suits of armour (which Karishma dismissed as simply having a nice paint job) and some computers that her hornet drone was able to hack. The files recovered showed something that looked like the light patch appearing during an experiment in a "testing area" and then apparently killing the inhabitants of the base, though the camera feeds always cut out before the deaths.

Advancing into the work area, the team found a lab/office with a number of PDAs lying around (currently without power, so unreadable) and began collecting these for later analysis. However, from the other side of the room, a giant insect-creature that could shoot EMP from its arm attacked, though it was quickly driven off by a combination of gas and a shuriken to the eye, retreating down a corridor. The team followed cautiously, only for it to emerge from a wall and strike at Karishma in a manner consistent with the patch of light earlier. Though she took no physical damage, Karishma was able to ascertain that the monster was draining telepathic energy.

The team continued down the corridor at a faster pace, and when the monster struck again (at Silvia), they were ready for it. Karishma managed to take a picture of it with the quantum camera while Silvia let loose a hail of spines, causing it significant damage and sending it retreating into the floor. Analysis of the blood it left behind suggested that it was a highly unstable and highly acidic mixture that anything living should not have in its body and still be living, rather than exploding.

At the end of the corridor, they came across the testing area, which had obviously suffered severe damage from a heavy firefight, and contained a number of corpses. It also contained a large piece of strange equipment, which had since been thoroughly smashed up. While the team were examining the area, the insect-creature emerged from the ground under Karishma and attempted to pull her into the ground, submerging her ankle-deep in the concrete floor. To solve this problem, Khalid made a couple of slashes with his monocoil whip, damaging the creature and severing one of Karishma's feet with the first and slicing its head open with the second, apparently killing it.

Realising that the creature's blood may be rather volatile, Karishma used her psi-blade to sever her other foot and rolled as far away from the creature as she could. Khalid and Silvia went to her aid, while Stephen filled the creature with plasma to ensure that it didn't get up. At that point, it exploded in a shower of acid, causing only light damage to the three Agents against the wall, but more severe damage to Stephen, including melting away the front half of his armour and clothing, much to Karishma's appreciation. It also destroyed what was left of the testing area.

The team retrieved a set of armour from the security area to preserve Stephen's modesty (which turned out to be field armour designed to work with stealthskin), and finished their sweep of the base, finding only a few more corpses. Karishma then jury-rigged herself some feet and the team a communicator, before calling in Eroz for extraction back to Seoul/the Moon.

Analysis of the PDAs afterwards showed that Liberty Black were working on phasing technology, similar to what the UIG possess, and seem to have inadvertently attracted the attention of a subspace beast of some kind, which then slaughtered their facility.

Information to put in the Room

  • The location of the facility
  • Evidence that Liberty Black were working on phasing technology
  • An analysis of what happened at the facility (with footage of the subspace beast)
  • Footage of the remains of the machine being tested when the beast appeared
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Re: Week 80 debrief: Footloose

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:41 pm

Information Sales

  • Location of Liberty Black testing facility
  • Evidence of Phase Technology research and summoned entity
Liberty Black bought both of these items up before I could even say hello. If the UIG knew they were researching phase technology and subspace equipment on Earth well, the UIG'd probably have something to say about it.

Comments from CEO Lee
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