Week 72 Debrief: Someone get me another damn phone

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Week 72 Debrief: Someone get me another damn phone

Post  HanJi on Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:03 pm

In the past week, Agent Zumisimo was pulled over by a member of Clearwater security acting under the authority of the UAS arrangement giving UIG powers to specific Western Federation personnel in the Eastern Bank. The Clearwater officer accused Hugo of having stolen his own car, as well as suggesting that he was unlicensed for the use of heavy weaponry. The officer proceeded to dock Hugo by the appropriate penalty for such a crime, which after the multiplication of Rank Point loss for committing a crime in the CCZ resulted in him being depersonalized instantly. Due to the nature of depersonalisation in the Eastern Bank, Hugo fled the scene in order to avoid summary execution, electing to hide in Little Japan in the hopes of evading pursuit.

Meanwhile, he requested assistance from all available Oracle Agents. Agents Carnell, Ji, Lincoln, Mittleider and Kisaragi responded. Agent Carnell proceeded in her Mungo to assist, while Agents Kisaragi and Mittleider travelled in the formers car to the sushi joint in Little Japan where Agent Zumisimo was currently laying low. Agent Lincoln, however ran out of patience waiting for Agent Ji to arrive with the lift that he had been promised, and resorted to flagging down a taxi.

Agent Ji meanwhile, at the suggestion of the CEO, was sidelined seeking legal advice from the lawyer he had on retainer, and later from a recommended local firm who specialise in cases of wrongful depersonalisation.

Unfortunately, Zumisimo's hideout was discovered and raided by a Clearwater squad seeking him. After his attempt to escape undetected was thwarted, he instead attempted to subdue the officer, taking care to avoid the inherent collateral damage of his primary weapon. It was at this point that Agent Lincoln's taxi arrived, prompting Zumisimo to flee the scene, jumping into the taxi. After some confusion regarding the recipient of the order "Get Out" the taxi driver evacuated the vehicle and fled. Agent Zumisimo took the wheel and drove off.

At this point, Agents Kirazagi and Mittleider, the latter of whom had proceeded to move to an on foot "freerunning" tactic arrived in time to see their fellow agents speeding off, and reconvened in order to follow. Agent Carnell also arrived, just in time to cripple the pursuing Western Federation vehicle with an incredibly powerful EMP Blast, before calmly driving off.

Agent Ji, by this point, was on hold by both the UIG DMV, and the UIG Central Database hotline. After some attempts at bypassing the hold queue utilizing a telephone keypad (with one of his mercenaries assistance) he resigned to waiting for the incredibly large queue to disappear.

Agents who were not on hold were driving. Lincoln shot down a UIG camera drone, while Zumsimo drove. Before long, the UIG arrived, flying overhead in an Iolite Cruiser, demanding that he "Release the hostage." In order to prevent Agent Lincoln also being charged with aiding a felon, he ejected from the vehicle. Agent Zumisimo, in the hopes of evading the Iolite, found a Manhole cover in order to dive into the sewers. While in the process of accessing the sewers, he was struck by the combined weaponry of the Iolite Cruiser, barring the grenade launcher. Despite this monstrous barrage of firepower, the UIG officials were unable to bring him down, and he hurtled into the filthy Seoul Sewer system. The confluence of stagnant fecal matter and open wounds was, of course, deleterious to his health.

Agent Ji was finally able to discover the root of the problem at the DMV. The car in questions registration had been set to "ERROR" resulting in an anomalous reading. After cross referencing this with Central database...he was put on hold.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team, barring Agent Carnell also entered the sewers, seeking to reconvene with Agent Zumisimo. After receiving a copy of the Black Map from Agent Tsukada they were able to find him. Agent Carnell went offline from U-View. While Agent Ji desperately worked to have the Malenbrach called off, the team blocked the sewer line with Riot foam and began running away from with great haste from the aforementioned Malenbrach. It was decided that Agent Mittleid would leave through an access grate in order to draw off some pursuit, while the remainder of the team stealthily snuck away.

They were able to hide in an abandoned lot, where they were met by Agent Carnell, who had inexplicably acquired a felon. They waited in quiet seclusion until Agent Zumisimo's rank, licenses and the like were restored, while Agent Carnell used her skills as a plague doctor in order to rectify the grievous infections that had occured in Agent Zumisimo's bloodstream. The prognosis was declared "good."

Finally, they all went for drinks.

Han Ji's comments: "Well that was an experience. I'm not fond of office work, and maybe I've got problems, but I was roiling for a good scrap. I dunno what went down there, but I'll lay odds that this was no 'accidental record mix up.' Still, we managed to keep Hugo alive without killing anyone. That's always a plus.

By the way? Why did Coraline go and capture a fugitive? I mean, I'm all for bringing people to justice, but theres a time and a place.

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:35 pm

Congratulations everyone, it looks like we have upset people in very high places. UIG computers don't make mistakes; everything they do, they do for a reason. Either someone hacked that database or someone with UIG-level access to it has taken a disliking to poor old Hugo.
Good job on keeping each other alive out there.

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