Week 53 Mission Debrief

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Week 53 Mission Debrief

Post  HanJi on Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:07 pm

Agent Ji called the team, consisting of himself, Agent Nizky, Agent Sharma, Agent Carnell, Agent Zumisimo and Agent Kisaragi, to an apartment in downtown Shanghai, overlooking a strip club. The team were briefed on the actions of Ai-Jinn agent Victor Schmidt regarding the possible link to the as yet unexplained temporary disappearance of the stripper known as Mimi.

Some members infiltrated through the backdoor, stunning and knocking out the guard and hiding him safely out of the way, while Agent Carnell posed as a stripper, hoping to lure Schmidt into a private room. Sadly, despite Agent Nizky's suggestions, he remained resolutely unmoved by the performance.

After this, Mimi performed, and led him towards the back room. Attempts to sneak after him were met with near instantaneous alert. A fight broke out, during which he touched Ms Mimi and took on her appearance. Managing to elude the team for a long time, using a combination of flashbangs, a deceptive appearance and a human shield, he was finally brought down. He and Mimi were taken in Han's van to be examined. Agent Carnell began an examination of the Agent, removing samples of an unknown cybernetic from him which appeared to provide massive benefits to his armour, while others conversed with Mimi, learning that she had no knowledge of an entire crystal weave body cavity in her chest, and had her phone her parents. She was convinced to let the team enter her subconcious through a DCRT rig at a later date in exchange for obscene amounts of money.

Unfortunately, before any further investigation could proceed, an Ai-Jinn commander known as Cleaver showed up, with a sizeable army to recover them, so the Agents were forced to turn Schmidt loose and escape in a helicopter.

Han Ji's comments: Well, that went less then optimally. I was hoping to get a chance to interrogate the guy, but sadly not. We got some samples and leads out of it, but nothing concrete. I suggest everyone be on their guard if in Ai-Jinn territory right now, the Ai-Jinn clearly wanted this guy kept away from us, which is heartening. Hopefully Mimi's subconcious will hold more answers.

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:26 pm

Data put up for sale:
Advanced cybernetic footage and dissection - Comoros bid for the footage and schematics of the cybernetics in action. Apparently Comoros is a bit worried about Ai Jinn agents able to spontaneously change into their own staff.
Sample of advanced metal - The Ai Jinn bought the metal back.

Comments from CEO Lee:
The Ai Jinn haven't sent in any official complaints about you grabbing and vivisecting one of their agents. That is probably a bad sign; I think maybe you all upset them this time.

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