Week 60 debrief: We go via Minsk

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Week 60 debrief: We go via Minsk

Post  Coraline on Mon May 13, 2013 9:04 pm

The team: Coraline, Silvia, Han, Ace and Hugo.

The landscape: High speed highway chase from Krakow to Moscow.

The objective: Intercepting a delivery of legal goods (V.K. cybernetics) intended for illegal uses, i.e. assassination.

How it all went down:
The team assembled and immediately asked what they were actually doing. Coraline revealed that they were stopping E.I. & Liberty Black from using V.K. cybernetics in a joint assassination venture. Han volunteered both the Hikari III and his SU-tank-V for team vehicles. Knowing the time and general location the team, after some further discussion of the plan, headed up to Krakow to lie in wait for the unknown independent courier. At which point three Kalari 5100 GT SC super cars drove past. You know, the fastest cars currently made on the planet. 3....2....1.....RACE!

Han handily tracer tagged all three vehicles which immediately sped up, weaving between the traffic of the six lane motorway. The Kalari agents separated and Han, with Silvia on the back of Hikari, perused one. Ace, Hugo and Coraline tackled another from the SUV. Hugo used an adhesive grenade launcher to stick a heavy EMP grenade to the first car, knocking its systems temporarily offline. He then proceeded to jump across and sink his knife in. Pretty boss. At the same time Silvia personal grappled on to the third Kalari car and then botched reeling herself in. She ended up trying to run on asphalt for a moment while holding onto the grapple. Han managed to get her back on the bike, only for the Kalari agent to be a malicious troll and swing out across traffic. Han only just managed to keep the bike upright as Silvia released the grapple.

Kalari 1 disliked having a Hugo on the roof and hit the passenger seat ejector, blowing his ceiling off. That didn't dislodge the nuke and then he had a Hugo in the car with him to try to deal with. The package in the back and the big red button on the gear stick immediately caught Hugo's attention and had to be dissuaded from pressing it. Meanwhile Ace moved the SUV to take on Kalari 2. He didn't appreciate sticky grenades either.

Silvia followed her botch by critically succeeding on her next personal grapple shot, shooting through the rear view mirror and latching onto the goods. Unfortunately the swerving of the agent inside meant that when Silvia reeled herself in, she got her lower half stuck outside of the vehicle. Hugo ordered Kalari one to move up and engage Kalari two, which took the form of Hugo standing up and firing Una. Luckily as a nuke he was able to shoot the car rather than the inhabitants. Kalari one got a taste of Una's offshoot and finally snapped shouting, "fuck this!" He then hit the big red button and used a hard ion ramp, spinning Hugo out of the car. Who stuck the landing by pressing a knife into a passing lorry, like a Shap. He Kalari agent would have got away with it too, if Han hadn't also turbo charged his bike. Catching a Kalari agent in a super car is pretty impressive.

Ace realised that an Oracle tradition has to be upheld and bought a lorry to meet the team in Minsk, pulling an Italian job on the captured Karlari cars. Silvia raised a pressing issue with the driver e.g. her spine's to his throat. He didn't go for it, instead slamming into the vehicle in front to try and knock her out of the windscreen, but Silvia was too athletic for that to work. Eventually he complied and pulled over, had a brief polite conversation before being bound and gagged. Since they were now a long way behind Silvia threw the guy in the back and started to drive the Kalari car to catch up. Despite being bound and gagged the captured agent still managed to remotely hit the ejector seat, blasting Silvia into the sky. She unfortunately failed her grapple shot, because paragliding like that would have been amazing.

With a little help from Ace the still parachute covered Kalari car was held in place between the SUV and the civillain vehicle Hugo stood atop. Coraline got a maximised EMP cannon shot because of how close it was. Then was the time for the move this car chase deserved. The Kalari agent shot out from his de powered car in a smaller motorcycle, goods strapped to the back and rarring away. Hugo doesn't even flinch, jumping right onto the guy. Although the Kalari agent did duck him and his bike under the SUV to try and knock huge Hugo off, Hugo ducked too. This combined with knife brought the guy to heel and Hugo raced off with him strapped to his back and a bike between his thighs.

Han swerved over four lanes and travelled down the hard shoulder to get Nick. He was also in the hard shoulder standing up, no longer bound and with a rocket launcher aiming straight for Han. Han decided that there wasn't enough Ida in this mission and decided to tank it. Tsk tsk. Naturally the rocket exploded several meters in front of Han, deploying a hard ion wall. Crunch. Fortunately for Han Hikari III had enough super future safety features that he survived even when the Hikari did not.

Finally the remaining Kalari agent, roof gone, chipping away at the riot foam covering his windscreen having the WORST day was cat called by Coraline. Then EMP'd, falling over in his car as his legs gave way beneath him. Ace crossed over, handcuffed the agent and roped the second Kalari car to the SUV. Then summoned his bike and went off to fetch both Han and Silvia. On the way Ace spotted that the exploded car's safety features had saved its civilian inhabitants. Bless the UIG.

Han and Ace were skilled and amazing driver's throughout , including deploying a parachute to block one Kalari agent's view, throwing a riot foam grenade into another's open top car and dodging rocket pistols, (If anyone remembers the exact order these things happened please amend this debrief with them.) Coraline sat in the passanger's seat and EMP'd things all mission in true E.I. Fashion.

Coraline's comments: Oh! I just noticed, no one actually died! Good work my darlings, Best mission XD

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Tue May 14, 2013 9:06 pm

Information Sales
V.K Skeleton & Skull - bought before the auction by V.K. That's some nice top secret stuff they don't want to see getting out.
V.K / LB contract - allowed to go to auction, but then bought up by V.K anyway.
Kalari Agents - bought before the auction by Kalari.
Kalari Cars (slightly damaged) - bought for salvage by, of all groups, KAC-Shim. Archons help us all if they get those things on the road again.
Car chase footage - bought before the auction by Kalari. They don't want to be embarrassed by us showing them up.

Comments from CEO Lee
A little bit loud and flashy, but nice work everyone. Kalari are professionals so they shouldn't hold much of a grudge... this time.

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