Week 22 Debriefing: Asimov Orphanage

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Week 22 Debriefing: Asimov Orphanage

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Week 22: Dream Rig Believer
The team very quietly had a look inside the Asimov orphanage, which is run by Comoros for children who are recovering from attacks by robots and the Cult of Machina. Heavy security and some suspect 'adoptions' made it likely that something was not as it seemed inside.
Agents quietly entered the building through the upstairs windows using some good old fashioned 'crime' methods and then explored the first and ground floors. Nothing unusual was found there, except for a secret door that led into a basement. Inside was Dr Chopra, performing a procedure on a child using what has been termed a 'Dream Rig'. Dr Chopra was knocked out while the agents searched the area and found research reports and some illegal Mind grenades. Ace was temporarily transported into the child's dreams following his attempt to jack into the system to hack it. Apparently he had a zany adventure of some kind.
The team escaped the orphanage just as a Comoros agent division was arriving to defend the facility. They were not able to stop the Oracle agents escaping though, and apparently filling a corridor with riot foam and gun fire makes it difficult to follow you.

Information put up for sale:
Images of illegal mind grenades
Images and data on Dream Rigs
Details of the orphanage being used illegally by Comoros to recruit child psychics

Comments from CEO Lee:
A great mission! The only way it would have gone better was if Dr Chopra and the Comoros agents didn't even see you leave. Good job on not causing any casualties or collateral damage. That would have been a publicity nightmare.

Information sales:
Comoros wanted the illegal orphanage kept a secret, but the mind grenades and dream rig data were allowed to market. The EI picked those up very promptly, and the AI Jinn might be happy to have some negative attention directed at Comoros in Shanghai for once.

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