Week 9 Debriefing

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Week 9 Debriefing

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Week 9 Mission: Some kind of spider things
Agents: Pinkie, Sosie, Ida, Ramirez, Positron
The team headed out into the wilds of France in search of big game. Sven Lowe, a depersonalised citizen of Hamburg was found walking around naked and having had cyber-surgery in the last 12-24 hours. He was running from a group of burrowing spider dog creatures that managed to inject him with some kind of venom. Their attacks against other agents were thwarted by high amounts of armour.
Sven and the remains of the spiders were packed away in stasis and rescued. The group proceeded to track where the spiders had come from until they saw a vehicle in the distance. They shot at the vehicle but did not stop it completely as it drove away. Some of the group gave chase and triggered an anti-vehicle mine, destroying one of their two vehicles.
The agents then continued on to find the old city of Lyon being guarded by a Mag-tank, which was destroyed after some insane displays of skill and/or madness. The pilot ejected before the tank was completely gutted by fire and triggered the self destruct system.
Still the agents journeyed on, exploring the old Metro system and finding it inhabited by a Caravax (based on the pictures recovered). Bravely running away from the beast, the agents then had to deal with a helicopter that was waiting for them at their parked car. Explosives and sniper fire were used to dissuade the helicopter from remaining there much longer so the team could escape.

Information put up for sale
Spider creature findings
Venom samples
Location and images of a Caravax

Comments from CEO Lee
I'll assume that it was Gemini you managed to do some major damage to out there and congratulate you all on getting out alive. Watch out for next time you meet them though; they may have fire proofed everything. Some very unique data taken from them this time.

Information Sales
Spider creature findings - UIG
Venom samples - Shi Yukiro
Location and images of a Caravax - EI

Once again Gemini are refusing to even do business with us. They'll likely be in trouble from the UIG once they see what kind of BIOs are running around in France.
Here's some information on the venom we found. The Hackers are calling it "Cyberlamine" and it affects cells in the body by triggering a violent rejection of cybernetics. In non-augmented people it won't do much at all, but in agents it can make you break out in a nasty case of death. A toxin purge should sort it out if you get to it fast enough. The Shi Yukiro probably want it for their assassins to use.
The Caravax information auction got a bit weird. The EI and UIG got into a war over it. It is likely that the EI either want a caravax for research or they want to hunt the most dangerous game (which is not man. Man is easy).

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