Week 93 Debrief: There was no mission to the Worldview

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Week 93 Debrief: There was no mission to the Worldview

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:08 pm

Agents (not) on the mission:
Yamato Tsukino
Sosie (by proxy)
Positron (by blood relation)

(Hypothetical) Mission Objective:
Go to the Worldview interplanetary space liner and get internationally super-famous E.I billionaire Nicola Windsor out of her top secret, sealed poker tournament and back to Earth to speak with CEO Lee in The Room without anyone noticing she was gone. And ESPECIALLY not noticing that Oracle had anything to do with her NOT being missing. Or something... writing these darned things sure is hard with all these double negatives or what have you. I think I'll give them a rest for now.

I'm not really sure how this worked? It seems like y'all went to the moon and then Fenris and Dani climbed into a box and mailed themselves to the ship like in some sort of Saturday morning cartoon show (when I was young they showed the best cartoons on Saturday mornings, like Adventures of Young Tex. That one takes me back...)
The rest of the recruits teleported to the ship and started marketing their Eroz wares like guns and... Oh no. You caused that? Well, that's one MORE reason this mission never happened.

For the record, Oracle has NOTHING to do with an infestation of metal-eating dragon-cats on the Worldview. Any structural damage to the vessel is not related to Oracle in any way. The presence of one or more Oracle employees (or none!) was as a result of their own desires and capitalist urges and was a coincidence (if it even happened at all!)

So anyway, Girl Positron met up with fellow Oracle employee Hugo Zumisimo (who is on suspension by the way) and made a big scene with guns and dragons and whatever it is you kids go around selling these days to establish an alibi for being there while other team members scoped the casino out. It was found to be pretty darned secure, with plenty of cameras and a squad of agents to act as security if the going got tough. There was one main entrance to the 'secure' rooms and it was always guarded and watched. So Fenris decided that it would be an excellent idea to sneak in there using nothing but an invisibility field and infinite confidence. It took her a long time to move across the casino slowly enough to evade detection, but eventually she was able to slip through the heavily guarded door when a patrol passed through and hide before she was noticed.

The security control room was guarded by two agents. This was a problem for Fenris, so she asked the rest of the team to arrange a distraction so she could get past them. Somehow this resulted in Dani planting a fake but very convincing bomb in the middle of the casino and then running through the ship like some sort of lunatic?
Well it worked, and Fenris opened the security room door, knocked out the head of security (who was jacked in to the system) and then guided Bell (Sosie's replicant) inside to do some rather successful hacking.

Finding the room in which the poker tournament was going on, Positron and Tsukino snuck inside by making a hologram of a closed door hide the fact they had opened the door. Which worked? I mean... do you even try to make up convincing stories any more? This just sounds ridiculous. Anyway, they did the impossible thing and got inside, and then convinced Ms. Windsor to leave by the nearest airlock under cover of stupid-argument.

Space was empty and black outside of the airlock. Except that it wasn't empty. As soon as the mission completion beacons were activated a cloaked ship, piloted by Ace Nitzky, docked with the Worldview and took on a new passenger without being detected. With the mission complete it was a simple task for the team to teleport back to the moon and carry on doing whatever the hell it is you people do when I am not paying attention. (Note: This is a joke. I am always paying attention)

This is all an imaginary mission that happened inside your minds. Forget it ever happened.

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