Week 68 Mission Debrief: Think Tank

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Week 68 Mission Debrief: Think Tank

Post  Hugo on Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:21 pm

The Location:
Cyberium, Cyberia, Varstaag.

The Mission:
Hugo's new buddy, Mikhail Nevzlin, commissioned Hugo and any Oracle agents to steal a cybernetic device known only as "The Interface" from a small, high end workshop in Cyberia City. EI teams were considered too destructive for the job. Mikhail would pay 1,000,000 in slip for this, and also think that Oracle and Hugo were pretty cool. And that is literally all Hugo knew.

The Team:
Hugo, Shap, Han, Fenris.

How It Went Down:
With only a few hours to hang out and actually do the break in and literally no information on what they were getting, everyone decided to gather information about the place. It was located in a cyberpunk part of the city; neon lights and cement buildings, a gritty city with gritty people with visible ports and Matrix-esque clothes.

Above it was a tattoo parlor. Next to it was a replicant/robot brothel and a cybercafe that pumped information in from the WND with a huge ass satellite. Han was all, I'll get a tattoo! Hugo was all, I'll be charming at the staff of the cybercafe. Han looked at the 'best artist's' portfolio and found that they sucked big sweaty BIO balls. Hugo was too cheery, too relaxed, to find out information from the cybercafe. Fenris thought to check the VDN (Varstaag Data Network) for it, but found only the most minimal website, full of bullshit terms, with no prices or information.

Shap, proving to be the only useful person doing the only useful thing, poured some scout powder down a vent and got a basic layout of the place. It looked like a tiny cyberneticist lab, a from room, just a basic place for cybernetics. Suspicious though. Oh, and some guy named Edmund First, an EI Doctor, ran it. Hugo tried to make himself look more cyberpunk and went to the replicant brothel. Fenris agreed robots weren't cheating, and Hugo went to get the most knowledgeable bot-stitute in there. Sadly, she gave no good information, but they didn't even have sex as Hugo got to talking and mostly hated on Ken'ichi. Man, that guy's an asshole. And then Hugo left the brothel.

Fenris then asked what 'The Interface' actually was. Hugo had no idea. No one did. He bet it was bigger than a car, though. Fenris said I bet you its not, it's a cybernetic. They put the bidding at 50 grand.

Then, a great idea was formed. Han would go back in, demanding a tattooing room. He would be a High Rolling Ai Jinn, bringing in his own artist, Le Shap, and his two bodyguards, Hugo and Fenris. They would pay a bunch of money to rent the room, drill a hole down form the ceiling, grab The Interface, and leave.

And that's exactly how that shit went down. Well, sort of. After removing a massive chunk of the reinforced concrete floor, they dropped down into the inside of an Apple store. All smooth white walls, white plastic, clean, pale, smooth. The team landed in a room with one computer and one weird.. chair thing. The computer was a basic terminal (the data leech didn't get much from it), but it did have a price list. It provided full  psyche matrix back ups in ONE HOUR, wtf, and something called "Enhanced Thought Processing". It took 15 hours and was 25,000 credits a pop, whatever it was.

The chair was weird, it was just a frame with massive plug ins for an advanced process socket, and a another for people with a dual advanced process socket. Cables from the chair lead into the wall. Thick, thick high bandwidth cables.

The door to the main office was broken into, revealing a older man sitting at a desk. Probably Doctor First. Anyway, then shit hit the fan. Non-lethal methods didn't work, so Shap tried to Shap him and Fenris tried to shoot him and then his secretary, Felicity, showed up. Both of them had weapons in their arms; for him, it was a raiden cannon and an EMP canon, for her, a dagger in her wrist. Shap breathed fire on the Doctor ("Damnit, I had something for this!") but then got EMP'd then galvanically shot a lot. He stabbed the Doctor's neck.. A lot.. but he was heavily armored and the last galvanic blast threw Shap twitching across the room. Han pulped the secretary's arm but was taking damage. Fenris wasn't doing much damage with bows. Hugo cut a hole into the adjoining room, asked Fenris to open the door. By this point, Han had to fuck with a plasma turret in the reception room while trying to threaten the receptionist. Hugo shot the Doctor in the chest with the heavy bolt, got EMPed, then fried the Doctor alive in his skin. A lot. He fell to the ground a crusty husk. Shap liquid alloyed the front door closed, giving everyone time to relax before the inevitable team of insane nukes barged in.

Doctor and receptionist restrained and combat over, Hugo tried to rez pack the Doctor. ....No luck there. Han intimidated the receptionist, Shap tried to get information out. Felicity thought the chair was The Interface, and Fenris smugly enjoyed winning her bet. The receptionist also said the Enhanced Thought Processing made your brain think of things better, helped you solve problems better. Huh.

They explored further rooms, though, leading to a VERY well locked, well protected back room. After busting in, it revealed an intense nest of computer equipment... And a 8 tanks filled with green fluid. Suspended in the tanks were 8 people, with wires plugging directly into their brains. They couldn't be chip scanned, and looked like South American people, with some white people too. Probably depersonalized? Maybe?

Well, that explains why The Interface was illegal on earth.
And also that it was bigger than a car.
Suck it Fenris.

Pictures were taken, the head of the chair was severed, and everyone left via the hole in the roof. They walked out nonchalantly, Han pretending to hide a beautiful new piece of work form Le Shap, and everyone left. They say a bunch of nuke with Ordinance like weapons trying to decide who got the fun job of breaking the door down, and everyone left. They went to Mikhail's private island. They talked about The interface, and he seemed shocked but not too upset that it involved using a bunch of people as tools. Oh, what money and privilege can do to you. Han gave Mikhail his card, and then everyone relaxed on the private island for a few hours, making friends with minor TV stars, Shap ran around ... possibly naked, probably just not in fancy clothes, and a conviction point was gained by all.

tl:dr On how it Shappened: It was fenrisky business and the team almost got their asses han-ded to them, but they got what they needed and we're quickly hugone.

Hugo's Comments:
Thanks for coming with me! I told you Mikhail was cool. Man, people do fucked up shit to depersonalized people, huh?

FENRIS: 200,000
HAN: 250,000
SHAP: 250,000
HUGO: 300,000

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