Order of the One True Faith: Holy Ground System.

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Order of the One True Faith: Holy Ground System.

Post  AmetsBasamortu on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:13 pm

The Order is closely linked to holy places and sites of worship. The most obvious example of this is the Relic Cities, where the Order’s telepathic powers are nearly constantly being renewed and strengthened by the combined faith of the citizens, but there are other areas with similar effects, if less powerful. While the actual effect is very difficult to quantify, there are five basic levels of site, each with its own effect on the Order’s faithful.

Level 3: Relic Cities. The most powerful and rare type of city, there are only a few of these doted around the globe, including Jerusalem, Mecca, the Vatican, Lhasa, Varanasi and Pushkar. The exact combination of factors needed to become a Relic City aren’t immediately clear, but it appears that the population must be numerous and highly religious; other highly religious sites such as pilgrimage destinations which don’t have as large a permanent population as a city. In Relic Cities, all Order telepaths have their psychic skills increased by 2 and constantly have their TE fully renewed.

Level 2: Temples: These are locations with religious significance which over the years have developed a psychic resonance. These are commonly large pilgrim sites which don’t have the permanent population of a Relic City. In these areas, Order telepaths have their TE replenished at the rate of 10 points per round and they can activate their powers at level + 1. These often have Enclaves built nearby them.

Level 1: Shrines. These are small areas with a small amount of psychic resonance. Potential examples include a popular church, or a carefully attended Shinto shrine. Order telepaths can also temporarily create a Shrine in the field using their “Holy Ground” ability, which doesn’t last long but provides a potentially life saving boost to TE while it is available. Shrines grant all Order telepaths inside their boundaries 3 TE a round.

Level 0: This is a catchall category for all areas without any telepathic resonance of any kind. Powers activate as normal here.

Level -1: Another catchall category for places with negative resonance, such as Kimch’aek. The exact effects of negative resonance depends on the location, and it usually forms in areas of mass death and terror; unfortunately common in the world of Corporations.

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