Order of the One True Faith: The Hands of the Order.

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Order of the One True Faith: The Hands of the Order.

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The Hands of the Order
The Order’s equivalent of Agents are known as Hands, exceptional individuals who are highly trained telepathic fighters, diplomats and infiltrators. Much like Agents, the Hands’ may be called upon for any number of missions, but their focus is on the Order’s goal of winning hearts and minds across the world. They tend to be less military focused than their cybernetically augmented counterparts, but can fight when the need arises. Potential missions include recovering resonance weaponry, stopping a Corporation from committing some atrocity or simply preaching to the masses about the Order and the possibility of a better world. Make no mistake, however; the Hands are still capable of terrible acts, they simply tend to be better at hiding their involvement.

They are called Hands to distinguish them from Agents, the Knives of the Corporations. Hands are part of the body, whereas knives can be thrown away…

Starting bonuses: Hands of the Order are much less cybernetically augmented than their counterparts in the Corporations, and rely far more on their telepathic powers than even Comoros.

Health and TE: Order Hands start with 15+Strength+Endurance HP, and 30+Perception+Intelligence+Presence TE. The Order’s biokines are capable of providing some permanent body fortification, hence why they have a base HP of 15+Str+End rather than 10.
Stats and Skills: The Order will only train someone as a Hand if they have shown themselves to be above human average, although they don’t have as strict standards as the Corporations do for agents. Hands start with 45 stat points rather than 49, and can have a stat at 4, although all others must be at least 5. They are trained to the same standard as Agents, and thus have the same skill distribution at character generation.

Trainings: Each Hand starts with three trainings of their choice, as well as the Telepath and Psi-comms trainings.

Licenses: Each Hand starts with a Preacher’s License, a Telepathics License ((OOC: This is not the Telepathics license in the Core book; I am making some changes that aren’t ready to be posted yet)), and a light firearm license. They do not start with the law enforcement license, and only have 6 additional points of licenses to spend.

Sacred Ground: By using their collective faith and telepathic powers, Order members can temporarily sanctify an area, usually no more than a small building or patch of land. To perform this, the Order members must spend 10 minutes working together to mark out the boundary of the area and infuse it with psychic resonance, which uses all their current TE. The area then acts like a Shrine, providing 3 TE a round for all Order telepaths within the area. This lasts for 1 minute per point of TE used to create the shrine. Some areas may be more difficult to activate in than others, particularly those areas where acts like murder or torture have occurred. In which case, each Hand participating is required to pass an Int+End roll. If they fail, then their TE is wasted and does not contribute to how long the Shrine will last for.

Money: Each Hand starts with 4000 credits, and are paid 400 credits a mission. The Order does not have the money to throw around the Corporations do, and thus can only really pay the minimum needed for the Hands to do their work.

Languages: The Order does not have a unified set of languages. Arabic is used as the standard language for intra-Order communications, so Hands start with it and 2 other languages, which will likely depend on where the particular hand is from.

Drugs: The order does not have the same prohibition against drugs as it does against cybernetics, and thus Hands often use Histonamine to prevent mashing wounds. R-Drug is too expensive however.

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