Order of the One True Faith: Trainings

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Order of the One True Faith: Trainings

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Many of these trainings are unique to the Order. Trainings marked with an asterisk are Order only. Some replace the need for the base agent cybernetics, whereas others are simply abilities with no other faction has access to. Different groups and masters within the order choose to focus on different areas of training, hence the reason for the variety of potential options. This also allows for the player to give their character’s background some character; a trainer who specialises in protection may have a drastically different training style to one who believes in the force of will, for instance.

Observation 6
Perception 7
Prescience 3
Using your powers, you can approximate 0-lux vision when needed. Make a prescience activation roll. If successful, you can now freely switch between night vision and normal vision as if you had the Anascan Midnight Vision System installed, for the rest of the scene. When making observation based checks using this power, replace your observation score with the level of prescience used. You cannot activate this power at a level above your observation.

Endurance 8
Intelligence 8
Bio-kinesis 6
You can force your cells into roles they should not have to play using your bio-kinesis. When activated, you can be treated as having the ICE system installed, gaining immunity to knock out weapons and shock for a number of rounds equal to your Endurance or until you choose to deactivate it. Additionally, when you are hit by a wound that would send you into shock, you can activate this as a free action to by-pass the damage and stabilise your body. It costs 10 TE a round to maintain and 20 TE to activate as a free action.

Shield 3
Science 3
You can project a shield around you which filters out potential harmful gases from the air. Within the bubble created by the shield, you count as having a respiratory toxin filter with a level equal to 3+level of shield used. The radius of the bubble is chosen when activated, and can be set as up to the level of shield used in meters (minimum 1). This does not stop attacks, only toxins

Presence 7
Endurance 7
You have been trained in carrying on and ignoring pain. When rolling to resist pain (see the injury table), you can treat yourself as being one rung higher up on the table. Hands with this discipline are often covered in various scars and burns from the training exercises used.

Hacking Training
Prescience 4
You can use your prescience to peer into the future of the system you are attempting to hack, allowing you to counter the system’s security before it has had a chance to act. Make an activation roll. If successful, you may add half your level of Prescience to your AT for your next hacking roll. This training is not Order only, however no one with an Internal AI has managed to obtain the training. Why this is so isn’t clear, but it is thought that the AI interferes with the vision and prevents the user from activating the power. Likewise, it cannot be used with a neural jack, however it stacks with the bonuses from an external hacker’s computer. While not common, you can find Comoros agents and independent telepaths using this power.

Future Hacking
Prescience 8
You have perfected your ability to predict the actions of the AI you are be hacking. When using prescience to boost your hacking AT, you gain your full prescience as a bonus. TE must be spent as normal.

You have been extensively trained in and around sacred places other than just relic cities. When you are with the boundaries of a level 2 location ((NOTE: NEED TO COME UP WITH A GOOD NAME FOR A LEVEL 2 LOCATION)) you can treat your powers as being 2 levels higher than normal, as if you were in a Relic city. The downside to this is that without your connection to the site, you feel lost and can only activate your powers at a maximum of your level minus 1 in level 0 areas.

Arts and Culture 3
Street Culture 3
Some Order Hands are deployed in one singular city for a long time, venturing out temporarily for missions before returning. As such, they build a deep connection to their home and the people within it, and know people throughout society. The GM should feel free to grant you additional knowledge of the area, the people, the climate, societies, potential crimes etc. Additionally, you may make actions as if you possessed the Underground Operations training only in this city; even the criminal world knows you.

Shield 6
Telekinesis 5

By paying the TE cost an additional time, you can summon a 1 meter radius telepathic shield (HP as normal for the level of shield used) around someone else. The target must be within 50 m of you, and you must use your free action each round to maintain it, like a normal shield. This technique is commonly used by Hands dedicated to protecting people. Can be used alongside the United We Stand discipline to extend the range of the shield and protect more targets. Each additional user of Shield causes the shield to be counted as 1 level higher (this can go above 10, unlike most uses of United We Stand), and the radius of the shield around the person being protected to increase by 1 meter. If the person helping also possesses the Imparted Shield training, the bonus to the level of the Shield is given by helper’s shield level/3. This is the technique used to defend the Relic Cities during the Corporate Wars.
Presence 8
Attitude 6
You are a master of the rousing speech, capable of turning an entire crowd’s mood around by your words alone. You gain a +4 bonus to Presence+Attitude rolls to inspire or excite people, and your teammates can benefit from your words by gaining a conviction point upon a successful speech. Note that if you use this ability before every mission, your teammates may get bored of it, so it is advised to limit your grand speeches to when they are required. Of course, not all players will be charismatic geniuses, but the player should at least try to give a good speech when using this training.
Corp. Knowledge 5
Arts and Culture 5
You are an expert at languages, and thus have a wide arrange that you understand. You start with an extra language, and languages only cost 4 exp for you to learn.

You are practiced at using Pre-Corporate weaponry to the point where in your hands, it acts like a modern piece of kit. You gain +2 to attacks made with the weapons, counteracting the -2 penalty to their use most people have. Additionally, you can increase the condition level to 10. This training also applies to Pre-Corporate Resonance weapons.
Endurance 7
Bio-kinesis 3
By temporarily telepathically modifying your own nervous system, you can act as if you possess neural stabilisers and thus not feel pain from injuries, instead receiving useful information. This costs 2 TE a round to maintain, and can be cancelled by effects such as psi-cuffs or being near a void.

Observation 6
Perception 7
Prescience 3
Using your powers, you can approximate infrared vision when needed. Make a prescience activation roll. If successful, you can now freely switch between infrared and normal vision as if you had the Anascan Thermal Imaging System installed for the rest of the scene. When making observation based checks using this power, replace your observation score with the level of prescience used. You cannot activate this power at a level above your observation.

Endurance 5
Bio-kinesis 3
Psi-armour 3
You can psychically harden your body against being knocked unconscious. Make a bio-kinesis activation roll and spend TE; if successful, for the rest of the scene you gain a bonus equal to your bio-kinesis against being knocked out. You cannot activate this at a higher level than your psi-armour level.

Bio-kinesis 3
Cloak 6
Lying and Acting 5
By combining your bio-kinesis and your cloaking powers, you can temporarily modify your body to change your appearance. Aspects of your appearance which can be changed include skin colour, facial features, and slight fat redistribution in the body to give a different profile. You cannot make major changes like increase height. To use, make a cloak activation roll. If successful, you can add your level of cloak to the penalty people take to see through your disguise, although you can’t activate this power at a level above that of your bio-kinesis. The change takes 10 rounds, although you can spend the activation TE cost again to decrease this time by 1 round, down to a minimum of five rounds. The disguise lasts for level of cloak used hours. A critical botch will cause your features to painfully warp and buckle, making you extremely obvious to anyone who sees you and giving a -2 penalty to Presence for the rest of the scene.
Presence 6
By focusing, Order Hands can lend their psychic abilities to each other. By giving up your free action for a round, you can allow another agent to activate one of their psychic powers at a higher level (maximum 10). The bonus to the level is given by your level of the power/3. You must possess the power yourself at 3+ to use this ability. The target you are helping does not need to possess this training to gain the bonus. You must spend TE as normal; i.e. to give someone a boost of 2 levels, you must spend 4 TE (two for the levels, two for the free action).
Some trainings, such as Imparted Shield, can be used with United We Stand. These can overrule the rule that the level of power used is capped at 10.

United We Stand is unique to the Order, due to the more collectivist way they train telepaths. Ironically, the closest Corporation to achieving it in its telepaths is the Ai Jinn, due to their focus on loyalty. The GM may rule that Ai Jinn telepaths may buy this training, but if so they will require the There Is Only Ai Jinn training as a pre-req. Comoros can perform similar feats, but these require additional equipment such as the focus domes.

When faced with over-whelming odds, you know you can rely on your faith to see you through. If during combat with sufficiently dangerous enemy you drop below 5 HP, you gain two temporary conviction points for the scene. The GM has final say as to what counts as sufficiently dangerous; a lucky shot from a gang member won’t give you the bonus conviction, but facing down an entire gang alone or a Guan Yu suit user would. Decreasing the number of temporary conviction points to one can be used as a compromise.

Presence 8
Attitude 6
Psychology 6

You have a silver tongue and can talk almost anyone around to your point of view, or a close approximation of it, given enough time. This training grants you a +4 bonus to rolls for negotiations, and the GM should inform you of what the other character will accept as the maximum compromise between your goals, allowing you to decide how to approach the task.

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