Week 75 Debrief: Through The Saint Hole

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Week 75 Debrief: Through The Saint Hole

Post  Hugo on Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:24 am

The Location:
Beautiful German Mansion, Middle of Nowhere Germany, EI.

The Mission:
Steal a beloved 70 year old gaming system from the mission supplier's ex-wife's house as subtly as possible.

The Team:
Hugo, Shap, Fenris.

How It Went Down:
Hugo met up with Fenris and Shap in Seoul. Together, the trio got into a fancy rented jet, drank good alcohol and ate fine food, and discussed the mission as they made their way to Eden Spire. Harold Murdoch, Hugo's friend and contact, wanted Hugo and friends to break into his ex-wife's palatial mansion and steal his Dreamcast video game system back for him. He provided detailed and extensive maps and warnings.

After landing, Hugo and Fenris decided that the only way to make their way to the mansion was in style by purchasing matching state of the art, fancy and beautiful half a million credit cars. The escape plans afterward were called red and blue. You can guess why. Shap also gave Hugo and Fenris gifts: Sticky gloves! Now we could all shap like Shap.

The mansion was set in a walled estate, surrounded by flattish planes of mutant, mildly radioactive grass. The wall was electrified at the top. Inside, the mansion was just as secure as Harold had said. The windows were almost all completely locked up, with laser trip wires and all manner of security. The easiest way around this, our debonair heroes decided, was to get a microlight and bingo wing inside. And they did a very short period of time later, departing from the plane each of them as elegant and silent as the night. (The plane presumably flew home. Hopefully.)

The heroes then broke in through a ground floor window. Ancient stained glass, the windows were not as secure. Shap cut out an ancient saint, Hugo supported it so it wouldn't fall. All three managed to get inside through the saint hole, though Hugo had a difficult task what with the glass saint and all. Inside the dining room, an beautiful buffet was set up. Thousands of credits of warm, freshly prepared, enticing smelling food was just sitting there. Strange. The trio made their way into the hallway, where they watched a cook-droid bring a plate of freshly roasted meat to the table. They appeared to be the only people in the house, and the AI didn't even know they were there. Worrying.

The group ceiling walked around laser trip wires to the main room. There, they avoided the gaze of a maid-bot on its knees, scrubbing the floor. As they moved farther into the room, however, the noticed that the bot was washing the same place over and over and over to the point where the droid had worn away a furrow in the floor. Concerning, but not for the trio, who had a job to do. Also, the mansion's amazing chandelier was missing. There was a hole where it should be, and it was gone. Hugo snapped an image of the whole thing and they went upstairs.

Upstairs, the lights were flickering on and off. Nothing to worry about, right? They made their way to the library, where the Dreamcast was being held. The door was very difficult to break into, and though Shap was able to break in, the AI noticed. The lights flickered to life. The library inside was a beautiful array of books and tacky rich people crap, like world globes, taxidermy polar bears, and more. In the center of the room, the Dreamcast sat on a table, a stack of games next to it, hooked into an ancient TV.

Shap attempted to grapple it, but the turrets in the room broke the splatline's line. Fenris threw riot foam grenades at the turrets while Hugo ran in the room. And that's when the Executioners began to walk out of the security room, and the balcony, which was to be an escape, became obstructed by durasteel bars. Shap attempted to make his way to the balcony in the hallway, but was immediately gunned down by plasma cannons. He only had time to shout "I hate you, Hugo!". Hugo tossed the Dreamcast to Fenris, and ran down the hall. Fenris took the lead, and also received an agent-felling amount of plasma. Hugo, up alone, managed to make it halfway down the hallway before falling. Shap, newly awakened, turned on a tac shield. Fenris dove toward the window of the balcony to break out. One of the executioners was making its way down the small hallway to the balcony, and would have shot Fenris again. Hugo, dumb, brave, and self sacrificing, shot Una at the murdersome droid instead of turning on his shield. It froze, and Fenris attacked the window. However, one of the other droids saw Hugo, and filled him full of such plasma that Hugo died.

Shap and Fenris, ever the heroes, realized that shit had seriously, insanely hit the fan. Shap grabbed and pulled Hugo's corpse over, and Fenris bust through the glass. Ever the hoarder, Shap produced two heavy EMP grenades, once given to him by Tansai. He threw them into the cluster of Executioner droids. The droids went down--as did all the lights--and then Fenris and Shap med-packed Hugo. Hugo mumbled, weakly, "Silvia can never know about this." Fenris agreed. He then said, "Shap, I love you." Hugo put a tac shield on his fiance and mover as a mop wielding mop-droid and a cleaver wielding cookboy came to join the party. The three jumped down into the garden.

Hugo got to his feet, and lumbered after Shap and Fenris, who ran like the wind. Turrets fired, but between a mix of running and shields, they took no further damage. All three climbed the wall. The intense galvanic damage could have horribly injured them all, but Hugo's grounding helped get them over and out without incident.

Hugo sustained heavy damage to his abdominal cavity to the point where he no longer had a stomach or intestines. However, he was fine more or less, so they met up with Harold after examining the apparently normal game system. Harold offered them food and drink, was content to hear about the damage to his ex-wife's mansion and gave the trio a slip prize. He treated them to his amazing hotel's facilities and was content to continue asking his friends if they want to use Hugo and his friend's talents. Hugo ate some food, took damage, cleared the half-eaten food from his open organs, then sought medical treatment.

And why did Harold want his Dreamcast back? Why, because it was his, of course.

Hugo's Comments: We totally could have planned better, but no harm, no foul, right? I am gonna go get these organs patched up and we are just going to keep this between the three of us. Okay?

HUGO: 666,666 credits.
SHAP: 666,666 credits.
FENRIS: 666,666 credits.

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