Week 61 Debrief: You can't hide from a Mag Tank

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Week 61 Debrief: You can't hide from a Mag Tank

Post  Fenris on Sat May 18, 2013 9:36 pm

Team: Fenris, Hugo, Silvia, Han, Positron, and Enrique

Mission Objective: Break in to the Muninn/Huginn facility located in a Bank HQ building in the upper reaches of Eden Spire, and retrieve any data or technology they have stolen, or evidence of their activities (mimicking Oracle).

The team decided to enter the facility through the newly constructed entrance in the valet carpark, rather than enter through the entrance in the bank offices known to Fenris from before she left. Gaining entrance to the carpark itself was achieved without a problem, as Han managed to locate a pair of stolen sports cars that looked expensive enough to belong to the banks clientèle.

Once we were inside Fenris was able to identify the lift that she had found earlier, which was a hover lift with a holographic SUV for disguise. Positron was able to Science it into working, and we entered the facility proper.

The lift brought the team into a vehicle workshop, containing a Sports car, an SUV, an APC, some kind of Spider-Crab car (turns out they took it off the Cyberpunks, god knows what they were doing with it), and a Mag Tank.

We decided to sneak our way through to the rest of the facility, so Positron released his hacking scout powder to cause a distraction, whilst Fenris opened the door, and we got to the room that Fenris knew would contain the information.

Whilst Fenris was opening this last door, the Mag Tank opened fire, and took off her foot. As soon as this happened, Han began running back down the corridors, to try and take out the tank, with silvia following to back him up. Unfortunately she was intercepted by fire from a plasma cannon turret in the corridor. Hugo disabled the turret above us and tanked a shot from an ordenance class railgun. Whilst Enrique and Fenris got the door open, Enrique loosing the fingers off one hand to the Mag Tank.

Inside was a scientist, who Enrique took hostage, and intimidated into giving us access to their servers,whilst Positron survived being shot through the chest, then proceeding to hack into the servers and gain some mission reports.

At this point 3 Centaur droids emerged from the briefing room (which was next door) but were quickly dealt with by a combination of Una, Enrique EMPing the inside of ones head, and Fenris tearing one to pieces with a knife, dispite her lost foot.

Han had reached the Tank by this time, and dove underneath it hoping to go through is thinner armour. The tanks response was to drop on top of Han, pinning him. He then blew off one of it legs before using his personal grapple to pull himself free, then, after loosing a leg to the railgun, grappling onto the tank and destroying it with a point blank volley from his plasma shotguns.

We then filled Hugos Mule-Tech with the gadgets in the room, and left, Hugo dealing with the one remaining turret, then we left via a combination of teleporting to the moon, and escaping in the cars we came in with.

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Tue May 28, 2013 9:05 pm

Information Sales
Crab Car Images - Bought by the Ai Jinn
Flamethrower Pen - Bought back by the EI
Grappling Hook Umberella - Bought back by the EI
EI stole an Ai Jinn Laser - Bought back by the EI

Comments from CEO Lee
Well it looks like we might have some competition in the future... Not that I'm too scared of some EI dandies running around pretending to be some archaic type of 'secret agent'. Sometimes I just don't understand those people...
A good solid mission anyhow. I look forwards to seeing what comes out of all those leads you picked up.

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