Week 63 debriefing: Hide-and-seek in a Cyberlin

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Week 63 debriefing: Hide-and-seek in a Cyberlin

Post  Silvia Tsukuda on Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:45 am

Team: Silvia Tsukda, Coraline Carnell, Shinobu Kisaragi, Tansai Kay, Maxwell Positron

Location: Yokohama Underspire, Japan

Objective: To investigate a factory where some of the Shi Yukiro cyberlin was being assembled (put forward jointly by Tansai and Silvia)

Synopsis: The team arrived in Japan via a stealth submarine and managed to sneak their way to the mission site undetected. The factory in question was concrete and blocky, and had four entrances guarded by several unaugmented guards and some weapon emplacements, with the flow of workers in and out controlled by swipe cards. It should be noted that any detected unauthorised entry would trigger lockdown in roughly three minutes, closing the sector down completely.

The team obtained entry to the factory via some deft pickpocketing from Tansai and some mechtronic genius from Positron, who created a small device that would wirelessly read the swipecards' signatures and allow him to create clones of the cards.

Once inside, it was revealed that the factory contained the cyberlin torso, along with a number of manufacturing and assembly stations linked by conveyor belt, and some walkways. It also contained a lot of civilian workers, twelve heavily armed and augmented guards and a samurai shouting orders at high volume and threatening decapitations if they didn't get back on schedule.

The team then spread out around the factory, blending in with the workers, and while Coraline and Shinobu created a slightly slapstick distraction involving a critical success and Coraline falling into a pile of crates and spilling things all over the conveyor belts. This allowed Silvia to get inside the cyberlin torso by breaking through a maintenance hatch.

People then continued to blend in while Silvia crawled through the cyberlin, mapping out its interior and finding (and photographing) a number of interesting features - sliding armour on the front, a huge mass of cables making up a "spine" and an enormous (as in, beyond Ordinance) lens that could act as either a huge cloaking system or a big, big, gun.

Eventually, however, despite Tansai's best efforts, a guard noticed the broken maintenance hatch and called the samurai over, who promptly called lockdown, giving the team three minutes (20 rounds) to escape. At this point, Coraline stealthed, Shinobu assassinated a guard, Tansai began grenading the samurai, Positron caused all the manufacturing equipment to activate and two guards followed Silvia into the cyberlin.

A large amount of combat ensued. Silvia was chased through the cyberlin by the guards, Shinobu and Tansai were descended upon by large numbers of guards, Positron sneaked out to do science and Coraline attempted to secure an exit route with EMP and knockout. This had...mixed results. Silvia was unable to evade the guards and had to take them on in combat, Shinobu and Tansai were overwhelmed and both brought to near-death and Coraline secured the exit route, but found guards and an angry samurai descending on her.

Thankfully, Shinobu was able to revive herself, Coraline knocked out the samurai with hideous amounts of EMP, Silvia killed the guards pursuing her with horrible toxins and Positron returned, having critically succeeded on getting signal for the teleport homer, meaning that lockdown could be evaded. At this point, the rest of the guards were cleared up with various degrees of lethality, people were medpacked back into the fight and the group teleported out.

Silvia's comments: Despite a number of very close calls, none of the team died and we obtained a large quantity of very valuable information. There was a lot of excellent work from everybody involved and together we pulled it off. Congratulations, everybody. However, the SY may be somewhat irritated - there is a significant chance they may send assassins. Be prepared.
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Post  Admin on Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:18 pm

Information Sales
Shi Yukiro Cyberlin Torso Schematics - Bought back before the auction. The S.Y don't want their cyberlin's weaknesses being known ahead of time.
Shi Yukiro Cyberlin capabilities information - Allowed to go to auction and bought by the E.I. Either the S.Y couldn't afford to buy back both items or they are confident enough to let the data go. I suspect they arranged this one with the E.I so at least the other competitors wouldn't get the data. Sneaky, but they probably had to make a less-than-profitable deal somewhere in return.

Comments from CEO Lee
I'm sure that everything will be fine and that the S.Y won't hold a grudge. We're perfectly safe in Seoul; it's not like the S.Y have an army of expert assassins known for being able to kill even Corporate CEO's.
On an unrelated note, I may be out of the office for a few days. I'll check my messages regularly.

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