Week 39 mission debriefing: Operation H (and S)

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Week 39 mission debriefing: Operation H (and S)

Post  Wei Xu on Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:48 pm

Today's mission: To intercept a Shi Yukiro anti-gravity convoy carrying high-grade lenses into space and take the lenses, preferably with information on why they were going there. (Black Ops)

Team: Wei Xu, Han Ji, Cobra Jones, Ace Nizky, Maxwell Positron

Mission summary: The plan that was decided on was to intercept the convoy mid-air over the ocean, using Cobra in a fighter jet as a distraction, use Ace in a helicopter to cripple the transport vessel, forcing it into the ocean. From there, the rest of the team would approach in a submarine, enter the downed vessel and retrieve what they could.

Cobra and Ace initiated the interception of the convoy, which consisted of the transport vessel and five Shi Yukiro ninjas riding hoverbikes. Using large quantities of vehicle-mounted weapons, all five hoverbikes were brought down or crippled (with one ninja jumping to the transport vehicle and the others bingo-winging into the sea), although both the jet and the helicopter ended with a ninja hanging onto them. The transport's engines were then crippled and it was forced into the water. The jet accelerated to 1500mph and the attached ninja met an unpleasant fate inside its jet engine. The ninja hanging onto the helicopter opted to admit defeat and bingo-wing into the ocean to join most of his comrades.

Xu, Han and Positron approached the downed transport in the submarine and Han and Positron attempted to enter it with a plasma cutter applied to the hull. Unfortunately, there proved to be ninjas on the other side with ion katanas who didn't want them to open the hull up. They were forced to crack the hull with torpedoes from Positron's Manta cyberframe, causing substantial damage to the vessel. Xu then joined them, also in a Manta, and advanced into the vessel, only to find himself in underwater combat with three ninjas. Xu and Positron proceeded to fight the ninjas, keeping them distracted while Han swam into the ship to grab the cargo and take it to the sub. With judicious application of the Manta's wonderful weaponry, the ninjas were disabled, and left floundering and drowning while their medpacks kicked in, although one of them did manage to sever Xu's foot. Xu joined Han back at the sub, where his foot was reattached, and Positron looted the wreckage for anything else useful, grabbing an ion katana before it sank and finishing off the drowning ninjas on his way back to the sub.

Items retrieved: Three high grade lenses, although unfortunately no information about where they were headed or why. It was suggested these should be given to Parvati to offer to the ronin to attempt to gain their friendship. It should also increase relations with Takata (at least, those segments of it that are talking to Oracle). Mission declared a partial success.

Wei Xu's comments: A shame that we couldn't retrieve any information, but hopefully this should give us some friendship from potential sources. Everyone performed admirably and effectively, and the objectives were mostly fulfilled. Congratulations all round.
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