Week 12 Debriefing

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Week 12 Debriefing

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Week 12: Magic Hobo Murder

The team investigated a Comoros safehouse hidden in a homeless shelter in Bangkok. The shelter seemed to be normal, though one homeless man did destroy an almost invisible hornet bot while saying "Feckin' wasps".
An entrance to a basement was found outside the building and was opened to reveal a space with 6 beds, boxes of plasma shotguns and a hidden communications device. Some AV bugs and trackers were planted but then the hobo that swatted the wasp walked by and closed the door.
Soon afterwards some local tough guys came along and started to investigate the basement and attack the hobo. The hobo killed two thugs and was then stunned by the team. The thugs in the basement were also dealt with.
A couple of hour after the team left the basement the plasma shotguns were taken to a service station on the Shanghai skyway and blown up in a terrorist attack of some kind.

Information for sale:
Information on terrorist attack (photos of shotguns and tracer data)

Comments from CEO Lee:
We got some information for sale and the subjects never even knew we were there (maybe). Solid work.

Information sales:
Info on terrorist attack: UIG, with some bids from the Ai Jinn

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