Week 4 Debriefing

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Week 4 Debriefing

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Week 4 – Madrid Spire City Investigation

Entry was gained into the Madrid Spire underswell by a combination of stealth, lying, bribery and sensor-proofing a trolley. Thermal signature obscuring paint is a very useful fashion accessory to carry around.
The area where the pipeline was known to enter the spire was found to be a construction site and equipment was being removed from it. Agents travelled down a staircase into an underground, hidden facility which had an extremely secured door protecting it. After knocking out the guard and hiding them, some agents entered the secure area and recorded evidence of what was being removed. At the first signs of been discovered the agents used knock out grenades to stun everyone else in the room.
The guards outside the facility knew something was wrong, discovered the unconscious guard and called in support while they took up defensive positions in buildings over looking the hidden stairway entrance. When the agents left the secure area a fire fight occurred and some of the security guards were killed, some were knocked out. The underswell was being evacuated and most of the agents simply made their way out in all of the confusion. Sosie was taken to one side by an inquisitive Sir Helpsalot droid and his two security droid friends. Sosie told the droid some information that had just been uncovered in order to save herself and the now unconscious Ida. The team then got back to Seoul without incident.

Products put forwards for sale
Pump and drug refining system parts
Scout powder images showing hook up to spire city atmosphere controls
Samples of drug and blood samples of possibly effected technicians
Images of equipment being removed and moved to upper spire levels

Comments from CEO Lee
I think we got lucky with this one. The Madrid Spire A.I may be more than it seems. Better avoid the area until we know some more about what is going on. EI are mighty pissed at us all now.

Information Sales
Pump and drug refining system parts – Two Snakes
Scout powder images – Comoros
Samples of drug and blood - Gemini
Images of equipment being removed – EI (before announcement)

Gemini got into a bidding war with Two Snakes over the drugs, but this time they were willing to go the distance. The surprise sale for me was seeing Comoros buying the scout powder information. I don’t think I want to know what they want that for.
EI paid dearly to stop us giving the UIG proof that they had been pumping BIO gas into their own spire city. I don’t think they will let this one go, so watch yourselves out there.

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