Week 38 Mission Debriefing: Biokine...?

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Week 38 Mission Debriefing: Biokine...?

Post  Tansai Kay on Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:15 am

Mission Report: The team of agents enter a siberian Two-Snakes medical cybernetic laboratory via a river that runs through the grounds. Agent Inkwell and Agent Marjorie (surname unknown) emerged from the water using the cover of a bridge and entered the security watch tower, while agents Kay, Positron and Shama waited. (Agent henceforth shortened to A.)

Both agents made their way to the top of the tower. A. Majorie used the stairs while Inkwell entered the lift. At the top, A. Inkwell was confronted by two security guards armed with laser weapons and three turrets , who opened fire. A. Inkwell used multiple tactical assault shields to survive while A. Majorie hacked the security system, taking control of the turrets. Using these, the guards surrendered.

The other group of agents make their way to a window of the lab using invisibility fields. A. Kay opened the window using mirrors to deactivate the laser system. A. Majorie rejoined the group. A. Inkwell sets up a sniper post on the tower roof.

The group enters the lab building and make their way to the top two floors, the location of the research area. Quantum camera photos of prototype cybernetics were taken.

The sixth floor security door is opened by A. Kay, and the group enter the floor, finding that it consisted of very high quality lounge areas and even higher quality clinical bedrooms, filled with top of the range life support systems and deaging treatments. A rank 7 EI employee with a range of illnesses was found in one of these beds. A. Inkwell notices two agents leaving the nearby agent accommodation and entering the main building. A third agent is seen on some outside decking, but he returns to the building.

In one of the lounges, a man in perfect health and no ID chips was found sleeping. While the team (still invisible) discussed what to do with him, suspecting him of being a Biokine, the two EI agents A. Inkwell witnessed arrived, aware that there was an intruder.

A. Shama uses telekinesis to confuse the one of the two EI agents as to the team's location. This backfires when a pot plant hits her in the face and disrupts her invisibility. Meanwhile, A. Majorie exchanges heavy weapons fire with another agent, before A. Kay stunned him with a flashbang and trapped the other agent in riot foam. Positron secured the suspected Biokine using psi-cuffs and a knock out pistol, before all the agents plus the prisoner teleport to the moon. In the security tower, A. Inkwell made his escape while under heavy fire. Luckily, he was not hurt, and was able to teleport using a second homer.

The team took the man, Alexey to the Eroz facility for questioning. He didn't seem aware he was possibly a biokine, and attempts to test this failed. A. Inkwell provided him with legal advice, before A. Inkwell, A. Kay and the prisoner returned to Earth using shuttles.

Information put forward: Photos of the prototypes, information on the facility, circumstantial evidence that indicates Alexey is a Biokine.

Tansai's Comments: Well...that was...weird...was that guy even a Biokine? I dunno that much about psychics to be honest. Oh well, probably not that profitable, hacking the labs below on floor five may have made more money for us. Still, well done to everyone on the mission, and particular congratulations to Cyrus for surviving a lot of firepower.

*Note: I have been told that A. Majories' surname is Enuma. I apologies for not writing this in the report.
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Re: Week 38 Mission Debriefing: Biokine...?

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:12 pm

Information Sold
Location of possible Biokine at Two Snakes
Sneak peak at next season's Two Snake bio-implant products
Ill health of Kaucheck Lenovich

All three pieces of information were bought back by Two Snakes before they could go to market. They take their privacy seriously.

Comments from CEO Lee
Nice to see no one getting killed on a mission. You all might want to watch out if you're going to regularly go around kidnapping people though. It can make people a bit upset.

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