Week 35 Debriefing: It was the Ai-Jinn.

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Week 35 Debriefing: It was the Ai-Jinn.

Post  Marjorie on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:45 am

Mission put forward by: Marge
Party for this mission: Marge, Han, Ace, Cobra, Positron, Keith.

Our intrepid heroes smuggled themselves to Miller-Urrey to find the exciting mysterious "AXE Facility" hidden in the Ornus tundra wasteland.* The nearest facility was an Ai-Jinn outpost used for capturing and monitoring roving BIOs, so they arranged a shipment of "meat dolls" with a disgusting soulless bastard at the facility as cover. Two guards and the aforementioned soulless bastard were waiting to inspect the inside. Marge posed as a meat doll as a distraction, but the guards saw the rest of the stealthed party and a fight ensued. The soulless bastard was quickly killed (after putting the boot to a naked and relatively vulnerable Marge) (and killed by the lovely and talented Ace), and the guards were... ..we'll say badly maimed, but survived, and Han got to use pulping for the first time. The party then hijacked a bunch of snow mobiles, broke the APC so they couldn't be followed, and took off into the snowy wilds.

Dismounting and removing some vital part form their snow mobiles,** the team arrived at the location Marge indicated. At the location of the "AXE Facility" the team found a hill. On the hill, there was a cave. In that cave, there was some ominous chanting. The team found a bunch of intelligent BIOs worshipping a glowing blue circuit board patterned obelisk. As they watched, more worshippers and their larger BIO companions brought in an Ai Jinn agent, who was ripped apart limb from limb. Anything machine was then removed from his corpse and put on the machine. The machine then glowed, producing some very weird subspace readings, and incorporated the mechanical items.

The team decided to try to knock the BIOs out, being unwilling to kill them as they were sentient and had overthrown their Ai Jinn oppressors. Unfortunately, the knock out grenades did not work, so riot foam, non-lethal bullets, and flash bangs were used to take down the worshippers. However, this is when shit gets incredibly real, since Positron and Marge got within a few feet of a obelisk and immediately lost control of their bodies. However, this was not immediately obvious to the rest of the party. Marge removed a glowing blue orb from the machine which slowly lost power, and she and Positron carried it past the unconscious worshippers and the rest of the party to the hallway, where Keith was stashed. Positron opened Keith's shell, and Marge put the blue orb inside, and then the two of them began to walk away.

The rightfully freaked out rest of the party followed. Cobra and Han got warnings their cybernetics weren't functioning, but Ace immediately stopped acting like himself. A fight broke out as Han and Cobra tried to get their friends back under their own power. Positron left with Keith and Marge and Ace tried to hold back Han and Cobra. Positron could not make the snow mobile work as Cobra had removed that vital part a few paragraphs back. Han tackled the Eroz CEO, and then a can of riot foam exploded (almost certainly at the behest of XenoKeith), trapping the three of them inside it. Han struggled to get free, Ace ran to help his new robot overlord, Cobra followed.. And as Ace collapsed on the pile of riot foam, the four of them teleported away. Marge immediately came back to herself, shouted a lot, and apologized profusely to Cobra.

Meanwhile, on Lunas Colony, Han broke free of his foam restraints in the computer room and shouted SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. His fear and authority were palpable, but Plan Madagascar did not go as intended as one of the two technicians was body-controlled by XenoKeith intopreventing the shut down of the teleporters. Han and Ace re-enacted some of the grappling in their Moonlympics battle. XenoKeith then disappeared! Positron woke up, and everyone shouted WHAT THE FUCK as if they were in an R. Kelly music video, while they tried to track down XenoKeith. Marge and Cobra appeared. The talented Positron fixed the broken teleporter console and was able to track down one piece of information: XenoKeith had gone to India.

"Oh, well that's okay," said Han, "Comoros territory has the fewest people will cybernetics. Except for that one city..." And in a panic, the party realized the most likely destination. Mumbai.

Positron flew to Eroz to let CEO Lee know. (He wasn't happy.) Meanwhile, the rest of the party was teleported to Chengdu to let everyone on Earth know about their next greatest threat. Han, acting with furious conviction, demanded that the UIG forces summon Warick.. And then when we realized we would need to explain ourselves, shouted, "The Ai-Jinn did it!"

Ha, suck it Ai Jinn.

And that is where we leave this exciting adventure. To be concluded...?

*During which time Marge dressed up as a meat doll, or, dressed very down to be a meat doll, and then gave Cobra a make over. On a shipping crate. In space.
**Han rode with Keith, Cobra drove Positron, and Marge rode behind Ace.

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Re: Week 35 Debriefing: It was the Ai-Jinn.

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:44 pm

Data put up for sale:
Meatdoll smuggling to Miller-Urey
Footage and Information about "Xeno-Keith"

Data Sales:
The Ai Jinn bought back the meatdoll information, probably so the UIG doesn't insist on inspecting every cargo shuttle going in and out of Miller-Urey space. It would make their actual smuggling operations much more difficult.
All the information on what Marjorie has called "Xeno-Keith" was bought up by AXE for a large sum. I don't know where they got the cash from, but they managed to outbid the UIG somehow. It's all far too suspicious and weird for my liking.

Comments from CEO Lee:
I'm not sure what I'm more afraid of; an agent controlling alien force unleashed on Earth or Keith being connected to the internet. Or, you know, maybe both... No, it's definitely the alien force.
Don't worry about tracking the thing down. It's the UIG's problem now, and we have a business to run.

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