News Reports for Week 61

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News Reports for Week 61

Post  Admin on Tue May 28, 2013 9:24 pm

Ai Jinn Infantry Company and Vehicles Lost in Taiwan
The entire "Ascending Dragon" infantry company and its accompanying armoured vehicles have disappeared overnight. The Ai Jinn company of 200 personnel was stationed in the old city known as Miaoli City, an area thought to be relatively quiet and uncontested. The disappearance of the company is highly unusual. Initially it was theorised the company had been deployed on a covert operation, but a number of top secret Bright & Sunny Media sources have confirmed that the company's location and capabilities are no longer known or under the control of the Ai Jinn. Have 200 soldiers changed sides at once? Have 200 souls been killed without anyone noticing? When we find out, so will you!

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