News Reports for Week 49

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News Reports for Week 49

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:10 pm

War Escalates with Taiwan Invasion
Ai Jinn, WF and UIG forces are now engaged in a battle for control over Taiwan. Satellite jamming and strict censorship is restricting the flow of information out of the warzone. Current reports indicate that three Ai Jinn Atrocity class cyberlins have crossed onto the island and are facing opposition from a single UIG Cyberlin of unknown design.

Hundreds of WF Personnel Killed in Orbital Bombardment of WFS Washington
The WFS Washington, an aircraft carrier based in the Pacific ocean, was hit and sunk by Ai Jinn orbital weapons earlier this morning. Two hundred and fifty are missing, feared dead.

Ai Jinn Orbital Fortress Destroyed by WF Space Fighters
The Ai Jinn Orbital Fortress 毁坏高雅 "Yōuyǎ Huǐhuài" was damaged and broke apart in the atmosphere after an attack by WF spacecraft. The fortress, famed for its ability to repidly manufacture space ships, de-orbited above a remote area of Siberia, breaking apart before it hit the ground. Reports indicate that there are no survivors.

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