News Reports for Week 38

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News Reports for Week 38

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:26 pm

Tex Lives!!!
Brought to you LIVE by Bright & Sunny Media. Tex Callahan emerged from rubble of the Atlanta Mega-Mall after a week of being buried alive. Still clutching the body of an innocent little girl he could not save from the attack, Tex screamed at the sky and vowed his revenge against the terrorist scum who did this.
Will Tex go on a rampage? Will he find those responsible and make them pay? Stay tuned to your favourite Bright & Sunny Media channel to find out!

Stock Market Rallies on news of Callahan Survival
Stocks across almost every sector reversed their losses over the last week as uncertainty about Tex Callahan's survival was resolved. Gun shots were reported in the Washington DC stock exchange, but they were found to be celebratory in nature.

Ai Jinn Military continues to Build
Ai Jinn forces have continued to mass off the coast of Taiwan in preparation for a possible retaliatory strike against the WF. WF forces have been maintaining order on the island after been given permission by the UIG to police the area. There are some reports of cyberlin activity, but nothing has been confirmed by UIG, Ai Jinn or WF sources.

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