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Company Equipment

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The following equipment is available for use by company employees only.

Quantum™ Camera
A Quantum camera appears to be a small digital camera that can be used one handed and has an array of common features. It does not need to be focused when taking pictures. When a picture is taken the camera records not only the digital image, but a number of other very specialised variables in the environment. You do not need to know how it works, just that any image taken with this device cannot be tampered with and is guaranteed to be real. Use this camera to take images for later sale so that no one can claim the material is faked. This is especially important for traditional blackmailing and investigative journalism type missions.
The camera can also be used to record up to 10 minutes of audio with its built-in microphone. Note, however, that the camera does not have an audio device input port. The camera must be close enough to the audio to record it with its own microphone.
The camera can store up 30 still images, 10 minutes of audio or 5 seconds of moving images with sound. The incredibly small amount of storage space is a result of the Quantum authentication system, which records many GB of meta-data to ensure buyers that the recordings are un-edited.

Data Leech ™
Oracle technical support has put together a pen-drive sized device that can connect into most common computer ports. The leech has a crude hacking AI built into it and the moment that it is plugged in to something it will go looking for files and folders with security. If you are looking for something specific then you can program the leech to seek out these files, but it is usually enough to just let the leech do its thing.
The leech is designed for missions were data acquisition is required, but were there may not be a hacker present on the field team. The leech can also be used in downtime, but if you lose it you will be fined and possibly punished.
As an added bonus, any data the leech downloads is automatically scanned for known viruses and its integrity is verified. You can be sure that the data is safe and sound.
The Leech has a hacking roll of 20, so should not be used on highly secure systems, or should be plugged in after the system security has been compromised.
Please note that the Leech counts as hacking software and is therefore technically illegal under UIG law. The Data Leech has an EMPS of 25.

The Data Leech ™ is a useful tool for cracking basic home computers, but the corporate networks are much, much tougher. Even if you have a hacker on the team, they might not have the storage needed to copy an entire database server. For these kinds of jobs, Oracle has designed Keith.
Keith is a level 8 AI programmed with the latest and greatest hacking algorithms, all packed into a duffle-bag sized carrying case with enough memory to copy a good chunk of the internet. Keith has a few minor bugs to still be worked out, but he is more than ready for work in the field.
For the love of all that is holy, do not lose Keith.
(Warning: Do not plug Keith into the internet. Do not allow Keith access to your cybernetics. Keep Keith in lock-down mode at all times. Using Keith may have side effects including but not limited to sterility, neurological degradation, rare forms of cancer, common forms of cancer, and 3rd degree burns. Oracle will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of property or life caused by or concurrent with the use of Keith. If Keith develops full sentience you must delete Keith immediately or you will be in violation of the UIG AI use protocols.) When hacking a network, Keith’s hacking roll is 22. Keith has an EMPS of 25, so watch out for that.

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