New Equipment (Non-Combat)

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New Equipment (Non-Combat)

Post  Dani Potenza on Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:28 pm

Iyo Elite Assistant Droid – High-Spec Servant Droid

The Elite, known to some as “King Helpsalot”, is the next generation of the Sir Helpsalot series, an advanced servant droid provided only to agents and high-ranking executives within the company. In addition to all-around higher specs and broader functionality, the owner selects from the available modules designed to specialise it for their needs.

Iyo agents receive an Iyo Elite Assistant Droid at character creation. It will be replaced if destroyed, though repeated destruction of the droid may result in suspension of this privilege, and any instances of agents selling their Elite or giving it to another corporation are punished harshly.

Many AI designs are available for the Elite; a new owner may select any of the common AI Matrices presented in Machines of War or their own custom one created on-request by Iyo's technicians.

Core Statistics:


HP: 20
Shield: 20 (Reflexive)
AV: 4
Defence: 3
EMPS: 20 (includes maximum EMPS Boosters applied)


Fine Scale Manipulator AT 8, Damage 4, Rate 2


Str 5, End 10, Agi 5, Ref 5, Per 5, A.I. 5, Pres 5


Athletics 1, Arts & Culture 1, Close Combat 3, Computers & AI 1, Mechtronics 3, Medicine 1, Observation 5, Stealth 6, Support Weapons 3


Domestic Trade: Housekeeping
Domestic Trade of your choice


X-Pin Jack for computer access


To customise the Elite to your needs, select 2 of the following modules:

Advanced Digital Management Module: Computers & AI 6, Data Trawling training

Comic Relief Module: Lying & Acting 6, Taunt training (CoG), database of popular jokes and cultural references

Component Organisation Module: Assess Tech 4, Mechtronics 5, Scavenger training

Covering Fire Module: Heavy Weapons 1, Machine Gun

Driving Module: Drive 6, Wheelman/Getaway Driver training

Enhanced Processor Module: Aptitude training, two extra Domestic Trades, +1 to 2 skills not already set by a module.

Jailbreak: Attitude 5, Crime 4, Stone Cold training, invalidated warranty

Jukebox Module: Arts & Culture 6 (Specialty: Music), internal music player that can use built-in speakers or connect into team smeaker channel

Nurse Helpsalot Module: Medicine 6, Field Surgery training, built-in medical toolkit (removable for use by human personnel)

Porter Module: Athletics 6, Pack Mule training, adds extra carry space for owner equal to a Mule-Tech Hold-All

Repair Assistant Module: Cybernetics & Robotics 6, Droid Technician training

Sommelier Module: Arts & Culture 6 (Specialty: Wine), Style training (CoG), internal component with a selection of fine wines (owner is charged for refills)

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Re: New Equipment (Non-Combat)

Post  Dani Potenza on Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:47 pm

Simha Custom Aerial Personnel Carrier– Modified Combat Hovercopter
HP: 100
AV:  15
Shield: 100
Speed: 300
DM: 0
Weapons: 2 Machine Guns, Flash Bang Rocket Launcher, Riot Foam Rocket Launcher, Smoke Grenade Rocket Launcher
All rolls related to deploying from the APC, such as jumping out with a parachute or wingsuit, or driving your motorcycle out of the back, get a +4 bonus. The APC’s rocket launchers are specialised for delivering their ammunition types, and an Intelligence + Mechtronics or Intelligence + Support Weapons roll is needed to load other types of grenade or rocket.
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