News Reports for Week 21

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News Reports for Week 21

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:54 pm

EI, UIG, WF banks begin economic easing
Large businesses are receiving aid from the biggest investment groups across the world while they cope with the sudden cut in their supply lines. After the Shi Yukiro cut off supply lines last week the entire world has been struggling with component shortages that have not been seen since the last corporate war.

Shi Yukiro remaining silent
The Shi Yukiro have remained silent since they closed their borders a week ago. The only information that the world media is able to find has been distributed by anonymous sources over the WDN and a small number of refugees, so it is difficult or impossible to verify. The reports tells of deserted streets and the populations of several towns simply vanishing overnight. The UIG is investigating, but has not been granted access to the region by authorities. UIG leaders are not eager to provoke the Shi Yukiro by entering their airspace illegally.

Tremors felt across Eastern Bank
Small tremors have struck in numerous places across the entire Eastern Bank. Earlier predictions of a large seismic event may be coming true. Advice for what to do in the event of an earthquake is being distributed to citizens in affected areas.

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