The Room Layout

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The Room Layout

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:36 pm

At the centre of the Oracle HQ there is a high security dura-steel door which will only open for Oracle employees. Behind this door is The Room. The walls are sound proofed and sat-blankets ensure that no one can even know when a meeting is taking place. The Room is where agents deliver information and discuss mission plans. It is the most important part of the base, and where you should go in the event of a full scale attack.
When meeting in the room, obey the following rules:
• No heavy weapons (or larger)
• No explosives
• Anything said in The Room becomes property of Oracle
• Do not taunt the wolves (there may be wolves in The Room)
• Use a coaster, that table is an antique

The Room has a large, rectangular, well-lit wooden table in the centre. Chairs surround the table at regular intervals, with a larger chair (more of a throne) at the head of the table and reserved for CEO Lee.

The walls of The Room are kept in shadow by the lighting arrangement. If you have enhanced vision you are able to see cyberwolves waiting in the darkness.

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