Week 43 Debriefing: The Chicken Is For Entertainment Purposes Only

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Week 43 Debriefing: The Chicken Is For Entertainment Purposes Only

Post  Marjorie on Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:17 pm

The Location:
University of Glasgow, Glasgow Spire, E.I.

The Mission:
Visit Glasgow Spire during the Multi-Dimensional Theoretical Physics Conference, and steal Doctor Kuna Desyk's PDA, which contains information from her trip to research the entity known was XenoKeith.

The Team:
Marge, Inkwell, Tansai, Xu, Parvati.

....I did a mock up.

How it went:
Day One of the Convention: The team decided to steal Kuna's PDA and room key while she was distracted, use a hologram to convince her PDA's Digital Assistant that Kuna wanted the data copied over into one of our drives, and then we would return her PDA and break into her room and see what else we could find.

Step One involved getting our distraction ready. Cyrus was given a bunch of Kuna's work and decided to lawyer her science. The poor ex-Aegis agent had a checkered past with physics in his life, and he drunkenly read everything while cursing Marge's name. She kept his glass topped up while he pawed through everything he knew to distract the pants off of her. His plan of distraction was to act like a budding PhD student, in order so the cold and bitchy Kuna could destroy his hopes and dreams, as was her wont.

Step Two involved finding out about Kuna, and gathering a lot of pictures and digital data on her. Xu studied her mannerisms while Parvati and Tansai took pictures. Parvati was slightly unsubtle but blagged her way through conversations with academics. Kuna, as previously stated, liked to undo the works of doctorates and theses with a few clipped sentences, a woman who had time only for science and suffered no fools.

Step Three involved creating a lifelike hologram. Xu made most of it, with Parvati and Marge helping.

Step Four was the distraction. Cyrus, covered in Carnalate, and dressed dapper as always, made his way to Kuna as she was on her way to a panel. He not only asked her questions about her research, but pointed out errors in her grammar. She was deeply, ecstatically intrigued that someone dare correct her and be so RIGHT about it, especially someone so charming (with his pass by 21). A man, a plan, Inkwell. His success was so stunning that a crowd formed to watch Doctor Kuna Desyk be.. pleasant and soft to someone, especially someone who had a privacy license and worked for some unknown but very powerful company. He was basically James Bond!

Tansai stole the PDA effortlessly, and with only a little bit of shaming and teasing, Xu--hologrammed as Kuna--made the PDA give up all its information. It was heavily encrypted, but that posed no real issue. Tansai replaced the PDA without fault, as Siberian ice queen Kuna was still enamored by Inkwell's dapper and soft spoken charm.

Marge kept an eye on Inkwell's budding romance while Parvati, Xu, and Tansai broke into Kuna's room, with Vati and Tansai invisible. Kuna's room was bare of any real personal effects, with only one set of clothes and a xenotech toolkit in her room. What a sad lady, just waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet.. and show her brand new worlds. Well, alien words.

Cyrus gently detangled himself from Kuna's conversational embrace, asked for her autograph and got her number instead.

Then everyone got ready and took the plane back to Seoul, where they decoded the info and discovered the entity was indeed met by Kuna, where they found out that it was super intelligent, cunning, and completely utterly evil, bent on destroying everything. Just a being of hate and destruction. ...Awesome. And then Marge and Cyrus got drunker together.

tl;dr: Everyone got a free trip to Glasgow, and Marge paid for room service and Cyrus' hefty booze bills.

Marge's Comments:
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCKohfuckopfuckohfuckokhfuckshit; shitshitsltsihisthisthitsaaaaaagh
...but ewthe mission went really wlel, whehn i sobnr up i'll do morge researcg

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Re: Week 43 Debriefing: The Chicken Is For Entertainment Purposes Only

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:04 pm

Comments from CEO Lee:
I'm glad the mission went well and didn't involve inflicting more suffering on Glasgow Spire University. Hope you sober up before you go Keith-hunting.

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