Throwing Events

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Throwing Events

Post  Ace Nizky on Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:49 pm

It is a good job this crater is so big as in another as of yet unused part there is a very long stretch of rocky land with a measurement line projected onto the ground by lasers from a number of drones under the control of Luna. Due to the reduced gravity the throwing distance capable by athletes competing on the moon is much further than on earth which means a very large area is required for this event. As there has not been enough time to terraform the surface of the moon it is not as flat as Ace would like, but it will defiantly do. At one end of the line a small platform has been set up to provide a stable surface for run ups and throwing. Along one side of the platform is a rack on which are a number of javelins, discusses and a large weight on a chain known as a hammer.

Event specific rules:

1. All competitors must wear space suits. – In the interest of fairness all competitors must have the same level of limited mobility. As it is harder to move ones arms when confined in a suit it is fair if all competitors wear the standard space suit.

2. Stay off the throwing area. – Some of these things are dangerous and can cause serious harm if they were to strike a person. For agents this is less of an issue but still it would be messy if someone were impaled or their suit were torn.

3. Telekinesis is allowed. - If a competitor wishes she can use TK instead of athletics.


As all of these items are designed to be thrown and thus they can be thrown a base distance of 10+str in meters (10+str+agi for anyone with the thrown weapons training). This is then modified by a roll appropriate to the item being thrown

Strength + athletics for Javelin as throwing it is more about power.
Perception + athletics for Discus as throwing it is more about appropriate aiming.
Agility + athletics for the Hammer as throwing it is mostly about technique.

XS on this roll is added to the distance the item has travelled. Finally all distances are multiplied by 5, as we are on the moon, to give the final distance the item has been thrown in meters.

Each competitor gets three throws (per item) with the best score out of all the throws being declared the winner.


This is technically three separate events, but they are so similar that I have rolled them all into the one topic. If people would like to start by posting their three tries for the Javelin we will move on to the Discus and Hammer once the first event has finished.

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Re: Throwing Events

Post  Parvati Comoros Sharma on Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:50 am

Parvati stepped up and carefully selected her Three Javelins and stepped up to the Throwing circle. She imbeded the two other Javelins into the ground, careful not to hit anything important, and stepped back to throw. She narrowed her eyes and let her breathing slow, fear, worry and everything but the Javelin she let fade from her Mind. Then she moved as fluidly as one can in a cumbersome spacesuit and let fly with the Javelin. As it was coming out of her hand she focused her mind and drove it into the rear of the Spear aiding her muscles. (TK+str: 9, rolled 7, XS:2) The Javelin soared in a long slow arc before landing. [85 Metres]

She pulled the second Javelin from the ground and let it too fly with a mental push (Rolled: 18, failed by 11) but it was unbalanced and fell to the ground quite close. [20metres]

she paused taking a moment to meditate before drawing, stepping back and then moving to throw without a single pause (rolled: 9, no XS) and let the Javelin soar out of her hand and land a distance away. [75 metres]
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Re: Throwing Events

Post  Marjorie on Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:41 pm

Marge, in her space suit, figured that with throwing stuff there must be less of a chance to injure herself.. right? ...Right? She waited until Vati was done, offering her a high five before taking her spot on the throwing platform.

The javelin was a new instrument for Jorie, but considering she used xenotech daily, how hard could this be? Her first throw went poorly, but not too bad. (AT 9, rolled 10.) It sailed to the 75 meter mark, and with a little grin, Jorie clapped her hands. "Yay!!"

Her second throw was interrupted by some internal badgering, and she grunted a brief "Yes yes it IS straight!!." With Tex's rather annoying help, she did much better (AT 9, rolled 5) as the javelin cruised to 100 meters, slowly landing in the dust.

"..See, told you it was straight." Without pausing, she grabbed her final javelin and gave it a toss. (AT 9, roll 3) She looked smug as this one surpassed the other two handily, sticking point first into the rock and dust 110m away. "Aw right!"

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Re: Throwing Events

Post  Darya Demeter on Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:56 pm

Darya waited for Marjorie to finish throwing the javalins, her own ones in her hand. As the second agent celebrated her final shot, Darya took her place at the starting line, and threw her first javalin. It wasn't a bad throw, she thought to herself, as it neatly landed at the 100m marker. (10+str=17, Str+ath= 11, rolled an 8, XS = 3)

Taking her second shot, she was pleasentally surprised when this one did even better than the first, flying straight over the 100 m marker and carrying on going for a good while, landing at around 115m. (Roll=5, XS = 6)

Trying to work out exactly what was different about her second shot, Darya tried to replicate what she had done for the last one, but with not much success. The javalin slammed point down at 85m, and nearly toppled over but still stood upright.
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Re: Throwing Events

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