Mixed Martial Arts event: Rules

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Mixed Martial Arts event: Rules

Post  Ace Nizky on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:37 am

Near the middle of the crater is a smaller crater created by another impact with a smaller object at some point during the lifespan of the moon. In the centre of this natural amphitheatre an area has been roped off for use as an arena for martial arts competitions. The area is fairly small and the ground has been cleared of large rocks and other obstructions so while there is room for manoeuvring there is nowhere to hide, making it unsuitable for ranged combat. While this is the same area of the crater used for the boxing event today it serves a very different purpose. A no holds barred melee competition for people to display their talents and abilities with few restrictions.

Event specific rules:

1. Personal armour and weaponry allowed. – This competition is designed to showcase the abilities of its competitors in the melee fighting style of their choice. Competitors are allowed to use whatever armour they wish as well as whichever melee weapons they choose. There is no limit on the number of weapons allowed, but no ranged weapons or grenades / explosives are permitted. As per the usual rules the use of process chips or performance enhancing drugs are not permitted.

3. No invisibility. – This is a spectator sport to showcase the abilities of the participants. Assassinations may be effective, but they are not as interesting to watch.

4. Don’t kill your opponent. – This one should go without saying, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


This is going to be a one on one fight as per the normal fight rules and using normal melee combat mechanics. There are no prohibitions of fighting dirty as long as the fight remains melee and one on one.
First a competitor steps up, and rolls initiative, posting this along with his or her defence score. Then a challenger may approach that person and do the same, beginning combat immidiatly if rolling a better initiative result. Both competitors start a small distance away from each other so at least a half action will have to be spent moving up to an opponent. Each fighter will be issued with an IV medpack, which is not to be used voluntarily. The fight continues until one participant is forced to use their medpack due to a lack of hitpoints, at which point their opponent is declared the victor.
If wished competitors may stare at each other and/or exchange insults rather than beginning the fight right away.

After a match the next pair of fighters can take to the ring until there are no more competitors and the winners of that round are matched up against each other in the next round, until there is one clear winner. Start the first round in this thread and if a second pair wish to fight while the first thread is going on then start a new thread and clearly label it as part of the MMA event.

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