Week 31 Debriefing: Beyond CyberlinDome

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Week 31 Debriefing: Beyond CyberlinDome

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Week 31 Debriefing: Beyond CyberlinDome

The team infiltrated an Aegis lab and discovered a number of useful things in the secure lab area. On the way out the team was attacked by guard robots and attempted to run from the facility. A scout class cyberlin tried to stop the team, but the pilot ran into Positron-related difficulties and had to eject. The team then leapt into a helicopter and escaped. This was the end of the mission, but not the end of this adventure.

After the mission
The helicopter was intercepted in WF airspace by the WF airforce, which forced them to land and submit to interrogation by WF agents. The WF agents confiscated the prototype shield back pack, the team's quantum cameras and all of the data on the new shield technology. After this, they left the agents unmolested, even thanking them for getting them the new technology.

Data put up for sale
Aegis Sales data
Aegis/WF exclusivity offer

Comments from CEO Lee
This mission required more planning and investigation beforehand. If you guys see a cyberlin, especially one with advanced sensor capability, make sure you know how to avoid or neutralize it. This is basic stuff people.
Also, be very careful if you go back to WF territory in the future, even if it is just for groceries.

Data Sold
Aegis bought the information back at a high price. Apparently they don't want anyone else knowing about the technology or the exclusivity deal; it would probably fall short of a few UIG anti-competition laws after all.

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