Week 30 Debriefing: Remember to lock your doors

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Week 30 Debriefing: Remember to lock your doors

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Week 30 Debriefing: Remember to lock your doors
The team went about infiltrating a Tracer Li factory by stowing away in a delivery truck as it went inside. The truck doors had been left unlocked for some reason, so that part was surprisingly easy. The truck contained a large shipment of Sunatol and R-Drugs, and a canister of autolamine. The Sunatol and some R-drugs were taken by the group for... evidence.

Shap and Positron went to the factory offices to grab some data files, which was a successful mission.

The others entered the factory and found a cult of machina man being experimented upon by a team of surgeons and the person in charge of the factory, Han Yul. After getting footage of this and Han Yul leaving, the team stunned the surgeons and scientists and grabbed some more data and results. The head surgeon was called Ludovico Mazzi, an EI surgeon of rank 4, with quite a long history of excellent procedures and research.
Then the team had a fight with some loader bots and escaped.

Information Put up for sale
Illegal drug shipments (Sunatol & Autolamine), all traced back to Han Yul
Use of Cultist as experimental subject (Not technically illegal, but not good for business)

Comments from CEO Lee
A nice clean mission without any mass slayings or the like. Good old fashioned industrial espionage.

Information Sold
Tracer Li bought all of the information back immediately. I suspect that Mr Han Yul will have some explaining to do.

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