News Reports for Week 29

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News Reports for Week 29

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UIG Clamp Down on Cyberpunks
After last week's full scale assault on UIG facilities and staff the UIG has announced an international clampdown on Cyberpunks and the use of 'Anarchy', the communication service used by a variety of illegal groups including the Cyberpunks. The Cyberpunks are now listed as a terrorist organisation, so donating money, equipment or services to their cause will be considered illegal.
Malenbrach and UIG Officers have raided a number of residences and commercial properties and claim to have shut down a large amount of networking equipment used to maintain the Anarchy network. No arrests have been made in the raids, but twenty five outlaws are reported to have been killed.

Madrid Spire Lock Down! Thousands Trapped!
Madrid Spire has been locked down and the residents inside are not being allowed out. WDN access and all utilities are still operational inside the spire, so communication is still possible with those inside. An EI spokesperson at a press conference refused to answer any questions on the subject but had the following to say:
"The situation in the Madrid Spire is perfectly safe and under control. We cannot comment on it at present because it is part of an ongoing project that must remain secret. Once again, please do not panic. We got this, for reals."

Order of the True Faith Denounce New Dawn
OTF preachers have entered Shanghai and are calling for citizens to turn away from the New Dawn group which now has many thousands of worshippers in the city. Tensions are beginning to run high between the two groups, with the OTF releasing this statement last night from Jerusalem:
"The New Dawn is not a true religion. The only roots they have in the past lie in the apocalyptic cults and suicide sects that lasted but a blink of an eye. The Order of the True Faith is here to guide humanity to a higher plane of being, but the New Dawn promises only destruction and chaos."
The New Dawn has no organised structure, and no spokesperson could be identified to offer their opinion on this statement.

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