Week 29 Debriefing: Modern (Cultist) Family

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Week 29 Debriefing: Modern (Cultist) Family

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Week 29 Debriefing: Modern (Cultist) Family
The group scouted out a weapon cache that had been stolen from the Ai Jinn. A large cavern had been made off one of the many storm drains in Keelung Old City and it was protected by laser trip wires and a large laser grid system.
Inside the cavern the team found 50 cultists of various levels of augmentation and age, including several children, the Ai Jinn weapons and tents and living areas. The cultists had detected the agents crossing the laser grids and were rapidly packing up their equipment and leaving.
Darya attempted to make contact with the cult but a large cyberframe-like cultist leapt over to her and aimed an array of weaponry at her. The cultist did not fire, but instead guarded the others as they escaped down another tunnel, taking the weapons with them.
Ace detonated some explosive charges in the escape tunnel to attempt to trap the cultists while the agents backed out and looped around to that entrance. By the time the agents reached it, the entrance had been cleared somehow and many of the cult had scattered and hidden.
The cyberframe fired on Shap when he tried to follow the remaining cult and the Ai Jinn weapons and a fight broke out. By the end of the battle the cyberframe and its inhabitant were dead and the Ai Jinn weapons had disappeared as if by magic.

Information put up for sale:
Footage of the attack and the presence of child cultists
Ai Jinn weapons were stolen by Cult
Schematics of Cult Cyberframe

Comments from CEO Lee:
Oracle are not cult exterminators. More data, less shootin'.

Information sold:
The footage of the attacks and the fact the weapons were stolen by the cult was bought by a group of Ronin in Keelung. Something funny is going on here guys.
The cyberframe schematics were picked up by the UIG, but they didn't pay much.

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