News Reports for Week 28

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News Reports for Week 28

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:22 pm

Cyberpunks Attack UIG Assets Worldwide
Groups of augmented individuals declaring themselves to be part of the "Cyberpunk" or "Anarchy" movement have been attacking UIG owned locations across the world. Twenty six local law enforcement branches were destroyed, fifteen CRO officers were killed and sixty eight people were injured in the attacks. In Seoul, in the Eastern Bank, a Pan Lee weapons factory and a UIG security check point came under heavy attack by well armed terrorist groups who also claimed to be Cyberpunks.

Madrid Spire Evacuated Under Uncertain Circumstances
Over half of the population of the Madrid spire city have been evacuated to the surrounding open city and given hotel accommodation for free by EI representatives. The Corporation refuses to comment on the cause of this incident but does say that "The Spire is perfectly safe. Just don't go in there for a while." The residents of the spire that have not been evacuated report that nothing unusual is happening that could explain this turn of events.

New Dawn Worshippers Congregate
Thousands of worshippers belonging to the upcoming religious group "The New Dawn" have come together in the People's Square in Shanghai Old City. The ancient monument was once an open area that contained governmental buildings and public works, but is now part of industrial precinct 6. Tents and temporary housing now fill the streets and a block of disused office buildings. Sermons are being delivered from the roof tops by various individuals, none of whom have been identified as leading members of the Order of the True Faith. The OTF declined to comment when approached by Bright & Sunny Media.

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