News Reports for Week 27

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News Reports for Week 27

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:30 pm

Piracy on the Rise in the Pacific
Pirates and armed gangs are taking over large stretches of the Pacific and robbing freighters from the Ai Jinn, Shi Yukiro and Western Federation. Ai Jinn forces have been stretched thin by the recent disaster and the uprisings in Shanghai and the Eastern Bank. UIG analysts believe that the pirate uprisings will be put down quickly by the Ai Jinn military, but no one is sure when the corporation will be able to divert attention away from its own holdings.

Riot in Shanghai blamed on New Dawn
An Ai Jinn security post was destroyed when hundreds of unarmed New Dawn members forced their way through a security checkpoint. Fifty Ai Jinn personnel were injured in the attack. Comoros has offered to send peace keepers into the area to "mediate with the affected social groups."

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