News Reports for Week 26

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News Reports for Week 26

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:00 pm

Shi Yukiro Resuming Exports
Shi Yukiro factories and labs located in their underspires are all ready producing technology for the open market. Some of the components even appear to be a higher quality than before; likely the result of being made in all-new, tightly controlled facilities.
World markets are beginning to recover and the manufacture of high technology goods is restarting across the globe.

Anarchy is Online
They are hackers on steroids, treating the world like a real life video game. Sacking police stations, invading corporate bank accounts and disrupting innocent people’s lives. The UIG has documented the use of a new network called 'Anarchy' to spread anti-UIG propaganda and arrange attacks on UIG staff. Use of this network is not considered a crime, but taking part in, organising or funding terrorist activities certainly is.

Cyberlin accident in Eastern Bank
An Ai Jinn Cyberlin crashed into a building and then exploded. The area was still evacuated after the events of week 25, so no one was injured in the blast. It is thought the pilot ejected before the explosion but Ai Jinn sources are not commenting.

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