Week 26 Debriefing: AI Capture

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Week 26 Debriefing: AI Capture

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Week 26 Debriefing: AI Capture
Warrick made the team track down a hiding scout class cyberlin that had recently developed sentience. Their task was to remove the AI module and give it back to Warrick.
The cyberlin fired on the team as soon as it was spotted, but was talked down by Sosie. She followed the cyberlin's commands when it told her to shut down her shields and set up the factory equipment to make something for it.
Once the factory was configured the cyberlin shot Sosie with plasma cannons; her survival was the result of Heizhizhu using a personal grapple to retrieve her head at the last second (and Sosie having a wide selection of cybernetics for just this purpose).
The factory produced an escape vehicle for the AI, but this was stopped in a high speed chase that resulted in the explosion of an illegal distillery when the cyberlin fell into it.

Comments from CEO Lee:
Damn that Warrick. This was practically a suicide mission. We were lucky to get out with everyone alive this time.

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