News Reports for Week 24

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News Reports for Week 24

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:50 pm

(Note: The week 24 mission information will appear in the week 25 news, since it will be released after the bidding process has happened. This will be posted soon.)

Hi-Tech Manufacturers Open
Shi Yukiro refugees are opening new production facilities for advanced chips and high end technology, much to the relief of companies across the globe. The new supply of components will not enter the market for a number of weeks, but many markets have reversed their downward trend and stabilized with the news.
It is theorised by many analysts that the Shi Yukiro will not be happy about this situation.

Vandalism and riots increasing
Anarchists and anti-corporate protesters across the globe are stepping up their activities. Incidents of corporate buildings and employees being attacked are being reported in every major city. Even UIG Community Response Officers are being set upon by small groups of armed thugs and their equipment being destroyed. The UIG has released a statement to remain calm and to stay indoors if you are in an affected area. Citizens that are not affiliated with corporations or the UIG are said to be at little to no risk at this time.

Order of the True Faith Prediction
The OTF have released an official statement at a press conference in Jerusalem. The leading council of the region stated that "An increasing number of faithful are reporting shared visions, dreams and omens that pertain to a great disaster. The Order of the True Faith therefore believes that a great cataclysm will befall the Earth on the Saturday of <Week 25>. We are warning the citizens of the world so they may repent and make peace with the higher powers that watch over us all. May the higher powers have mercy on us all."

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