Week 24: Ninja, Samurai and Under-Spires, Oh My

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Week 24: Ninja, Samurai and Under-Spires, Oh My

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Week 24: Ninja, Samurai and Under-Spires, Oh My
The team dodged automated defences and mines to arrive at the port of West Toyoma in their modified smuggling-stealth-speedboat. The docks and streets were deserted but tidy, and it was easy to find a safe house to take stock of the situation. The group located a communication signal hidden in the stray radio waves and wifi signals in the area and used it to contact Ai Supai; the contact for the mission.
Sosie began performing cyber-surgery on Ai Supai as payment for a large collection of videos and information. Three other team members went to break into the heavily defended Mirai factory to steal some Anti-grav ship blueprints which should be worth something on the open market.
Ai Supai received a distress signal from their colleague who was inside a large building that scout powder revealed was extremely well defended and secure. Some of the team went to attempt a rescue mission.
Kaboom! Two large explosions tore the entrance apart and spewed out the loud "+1", around 1000 fleeing Shi Yukiro citizens, three samurai engaged in an ion-katana duel and some ninja. Also an anti-grav ship turned up and began shooting at people and agents alike.
After some Oracle-style ass kicking (heavy weapons and plasma shotguns mostly) the escapees, agents and one samurai in old battle armour boarded a freighter in the port and set off for Seoul. They radioed CEO Lee for help with the sea defence systems and prepared to be attacked by Shi Yukiro anti-grav attack ships.
Then the EI air force turned up and 'neutralised' the problem, mines included.

Information put up for sale
Mirai Anti-Grav craft blueprints and manufacturing information
An Ion Katana
Footage of Shi Yukiro firing on their own citizens
Footage of the 'under-spire" and interviews with escapees

Comments from CEO Lee
Amazing mission, agents! Fortunately, you prepared enough to get through the monumental challenges that the S.Y coastline provides. Good work on helping get the escapees out of there; that's always good PR.

Information sales
All the information about the under-spires and the S.Y shooting their own citizens was bought by "Bright & Sunny Media", the dominant media service for the planet. This was the scoop of the century for them and they paid top credit for it. I was going to offer the S.Y the chance to buy this information before it was announced, as I normally would, but whoops, it seems I lost their comm number.
The Mirai blue prints and the ion katana were both bought by EI. I assume the S.Y think it will be cheaper to steal them back later rather than pay for them now.

More details will be available on the information gathered and the results of it being released in the news area.

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