Week 23 Debriefing: Cage Match

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Week 23 Debriefing: Cage Match

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:24 pm

This wasn't an official Oracle mission, but I'll keep these notes here for completeness. Instead of CEO Lee narrating, imagine an excited pundit giving a review of the day's action

A team of agents from an unknown corporation challenged Cage favourites "The Future Boys" to a 4 vs 4 death match. Thanks to some generous donations from anonymous sources the arena included a fine array of scenery and fun extras. To keep things more interesting both teams had their weapons taken away and a random assortment of equipment was scattered through out the arena for them to find.
Three agents immediately headed for a vehicle each, with new comer Ida starting up a battered old car, Tommy electing for the ice cream truck and Bobby grabbing a slightly rusted bicycle. Bobby was fast enough off the mark to dash over to Ida and her orange armoured ally and to start a close quarters battle that lasted almost until the end of the match.
Meanwhile, Tommy found out that the mysterious pink haired agent who turned invisible at the start of the round was also capable of firing an electrical storm, destroying the ice cream truck in a single deadly blast. Nothing can break Tommy's cool though, so he stepped out of the flaming wreckage without a scratch on him. Unfortunately, the pink haired agent also had a nasty psi blade and the know how to use them, so no amount of style and show boating could save the EI playboy.
Bobby was joined by Billy and Stevie, who's grenade attack didn't really do anything useful, and by the orange armoured agent for a brawl around the old car. Ida also found a shotgun for Mr Orange to use, and that help shift the balance much more in their favour, though Billy was giving Ida quite a beat down.
All of a sudden we learned that Ida can breathe fire. Watch out for that! She set Stevie and Bobby on fire, and then Bobby began to grapple with Mr Orange, spreading the blaze around even more. It was complete carnage as they wrestled for superiority and ownership of the shotgun.
Ida and her friend decided to make a break for it. As Ida dove over some barrels she found a heavy machine gun, but without any ammunition it didn't prove to be very useful at first... Until she threw it at the all ready damaged barrels and created a fireball of destruction. As Ida escaped the blast, it incinerated Bobby in an instance. Bad luck Bobby!
Billy in the meantime had jumped into an old car and engaged in the shortest car chase in history; he drove about 50 yards before ploughing into an old, overturned vehicle that Ida was inside of and searching for more useful equipment.
Mr Orange, the pink haired agent, Ida, Billy and Stevie then started a brutal round of stabbing, wrestling and beating next to the over turned car and a fuel tanker. As Stevie fell to the newcomer's, Billy punched a hole in the fuel tanker and spread fuel around the entire area in an attempt to dissuade his opposition from attacking him. It would have worked too, had it not been for the pink haired agent throwing a lighter into the fuel and creating a huge, crowd pleasing explosion that she somehow walked away from with barely a scratch. I don't know what brand of ion shield they are using down their, but they certainly got their money's worth out of them today.
The final result, 4-0 to the unnamed newcomers and a very unhappy group of remaining EI agents.

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