The EI Air Force.

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The EI Air Force.

Post  Darya Demeter on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:36 am

So. Brutal Games didn't give us an air force. I want an air force, partially because I'm running a campaign with giant biological cyberlins running around and I want a scene with one climbing a spire city beating EI planes out of the air.

Since I'm tired, I've just gone for one big thing at the moment rather than a bunch of smaller planes.

EI Aircraft Carrier: Vipunen Class Ocean Fortress.

HP 2,000 Shield 2,000 AV 40 MPH 30

The Vipunen class vessels are the largest ocean going vessels ever made, being more like islands than ships. Each one supports over 600 air craft, with refueling and maintenance facilities and personnel, a population in the lower decks that is around that of a small city, and is surrounded by an escort of other battleships and aqualins. During the Corporate war, these were EI's main defense against air attacks from the WF and the Shi Yukioh, as well as major platform for their invasion of Africa. With the uneasy truce that has now settled, these monsters, like their cyberlin cousins on land, are reduced to mere deterrents, being placed in intimidating areas as a show of power, most of them being taken apart due to running costs. There are four active ones remaining today: Fenja, which patrols the polar regions and has been fitted with ice breakers for this purpose, Geror, stationed in the Atlantic and is often visible from the Ice Line Sky Bridge, Gunnlod, which is based in the sea between Alaska and Russia and is often used as a base of operations for EI agents, both for the WF controlled Canada and the Eastern Bank, and Skaoi. Skaoi is stationed in the Mediterranean due to the tensions between EI, Comoros, the AI Jinn and the Order of the One True Faith. Bizarrely, it is actually most famous as a holiday resort, with it's beauty parlors and on board lagoons being world renowned, as well as incredibly well guarded.

Each vessel is equipped with AA guns, torpedos, depth charges and pretty much every kind of weapon possible to cram onto a ship, along with two agent teams based there permanently.

Grior Wreck City.

The ship Grior was assigned to the west coast of Africa on the day Comoros launched their attack, killing everyone on board. The giant ship drifted until it crashed on the coast of what was once the country of Angola and sank. However, changes in sea level caused it to be unearthed, and with the structure mostly intact, people started living there again. EI seized the chance to declare that the vessel was their's and should therefore still be under their control. After a lengthy court battle, the UIG agreed, but then slapped EI with the cost of running and stablising it, as well as making them refund Comoros for the money they'd spent effectively looking after EI's property with them. Grior is about as pleasant as you'd expect a city built in a sideways mega ship to be, but it has a productive industry center, using the old engine areas as factories, so many poor people flock to it for jobs. Why EI insisted on having it isn't clear, but there some unusual diseases in the populace of the city, and it is rumoured that the EI medical genius Dr. Olimpiati has been seen coming and going in the deeper bowels of the ship...

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Re: The EI Air Force.

Post  HanJi on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:53 am

EAE Typhoon IX Supersonic Jet Air Superiority Fighter

Speed 1000MPH AV 8 HP 50 Shield 150 HP DM +3
Weaponry One M50 Belt Fed Machine gun, two large rocket launching delivery systems.
Cost 300,000 credits

The EAE Typhoon superficially resembles the Typhoon of the European Union, but is vastly more advanced, infinitely more manoeuvrable and resilient to damage. It is easily customisable, and the signature fighter of the Air Force. Traditionally, pilots will be assigned one aircraft and will keep to it, encouraged to bond with it emotionally. EI accountants have found this decreases the amount the corporation has to pay for new planes.

Typhoons are usually deployed in squadrons of twelve, often attached as escorts on bombing runs. The bonds within a squadron are almost always as tight as that of the closest agent divisions, due to mandatory team building retreats every six months.

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