News Reports for Week 19

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News Reports for Week 19

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:17 pm

New Dawn Membership Increases in Shanghai
From the chaos and violence of Shanghai's troubled streets a new religious group called "New Dawn" is emerging as a strong force for organisation and self defence. The group has been around in small pockets and under many different names all around the world for many decades, but the incidents in Shanghai have caused a more coherent group to crystallize and openly seek new initiates. Current estimates from the UIG and Comoros place membership in New Dawn at 10,000 and rising, making it the most rapidly growing religion in terms of percentage growth. The Order of the True Faith have cautioned against the emergent religion, branding it "Dangerous and unbalanced".
The New Dawn teaches of the coming of a new god to clean away the damage and suffering in the world and to usher in a new era. The exact mechanism, time and result of this process is, however, vague.

Shi Yukiro factories shutting down
Many Shi Yukiro factories in the Japanese islands have shut down without warning. The companies involved have offered no statements and reporters have been prevented from investigating the factories by SY agents. SY stocks are plummeting as EI investors fear some kind of nationalisation of SY industry.

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